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Some Combo 'frames!


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Saw some art of an Ember/ Rhino combo on tumblr and couldn't get it out of my head, so I decided to do some Warframe combos, abilities and all. I don't know if these combos or ideas have been posted before, but I love what I've come up with, so I thought I'd give it a go.

I tried to go with a good blend of both, fusing their abilities into something useful and thematic.

Anyways, here you go- it's nice to post something again!


Ember and Hydroid: Vapor
Really wanted to go with the steam theme here, and it ended up having a lot of buffing/ debuffing, which I like!
Fireball + Tempest  Barrage= Steam Barrage: Shoots multiple boiling steam projectiles that melt armor and flesh on contact, turning enemies into gas.
Accelerant + Tidal Surge= Accelerated Dash: Vapor dashes forward instantly, radiating an aura that slows and damages enemies. If Vapor hits a target, she stops and performs a finisher on the target.
Fire Blast + Undertow= Plasma Form: Vapor increases the movement of her molecules exponentially, first becoming liquid, then gas, then plasma,  increasing her defenses and making her harder to hit, as well as damaging enemies who do.
World on Fire + Tentacle Swarm= Boil: Vapor turns all enemies around her into steam, slowly damaging them over time but also rendering them completely incapable of doing anything for the duration, but taking no outside damage.
Nyx and Valkyr : Waergan
I always thought it would be cool to have a warrior mage that drew lots of attention and could take the heat, and Valkyr and Nyx are two of my faves, so I thought it might be great!
Mind Control + Rip Line= Mind Rip: Waergan pulls an enemy to her with dark forces, imbuing it with power, but tearing its mind apart, making it hers to control. The enemy will stay near her and draw attention for the duration.
Psychic Bolts + Warcry= Psychic Bellow: A loud psychic wave of energy hits enemies’ minds with crushing force in a radius around Waaergan, staggering them and making them less effective in combat for a short duration by reducing their accuracy and defenses.
Chaos and Paralysis= Aggravation: Waergan sends a blast of psychic energy in front of her, drawing the attention of all caught in its blast to attack only her for the duration. Gives her a small damage protection from those enemies, converting 5% of all attacks against her shields into energy.
Absorb + Hysteria= Enduring Absorption: Drawing psychic energy from the enemies around her, Waergan becomes invulnerable with dark energy barriers, but becomes rooted to the spot from the particles increased gravity. The more enemies she draws energy from the longer the ability remains stable. This state draws attention of nearby enemies and enables Waergan to use energy whips that do more damage the longer she stays in the state.



Banshee and Volt: Tempest
I just looked at Banshee and Volt and thought STORM WARFRAME and couldn't stop myself.
Sonic Boom + Shock= Thunder: Tempest vibrates the electrons of the air above him and gathers the electricity in his hand, sending a clap of thunder in a radius around him and electrifying a single enemy.
Sonar + Speed= Discharge: Tempest becomes charged with electricity and jumps from target to target in a small group, stunning and damaging each of them and marking them to be damaged more on following attacks.
Silence + Electric Shield= Cloud Cover: Tempest electrocutes the ground in a line, sending clouds of smoke up, obscuring enemies’ vision and hearing through the cloud and damaging any that walk through it.
Sound Quake + Overload= Raging Storm: Tempest summons a great storm over a large area of effect that sends down blinding flashes of light, staggering claps of thunder or stunning shocks of electricity to enemies randomly for the duration.
Let me know what you guys think!
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When I first started playing we had a few of these. Excaliber + Mag was the big one, but AFAIK no one used it. They just jacked up their guns and melee, then came to the boards said everything should be viable solo.


I would really like to see the GW2 system go in, where an ability could be tagged as "projectile" or "field". Any "projectile" passing a "field" would interact. Ring of Fire = fire field. Shock = electric projectile. Use shock through a ring of fire and you get radiation damage, plus something special for the user's power, in this case I guess shock would chain more times. This is not a combo of two specific powers, you could fire any projectile through any field and that projectile would take on the damage and get whatever it's bonus was. Valkyr in the same group using Ripline might gain +Fire damage and pull all targets in a line.


Volt would still be able to do pure electric, firing Shock through his Electric Barrier which would, presumably, be a "field" power. Bonuses solo, bonuses co-op, bonuses everywhar.

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