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Update 14.8.0: Nyx Prime


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Update 14.8.0: Nyx Prime



Nyx Prime and the newest Prime Gear!


Manipulator of minds, Nyx Prime inflicts mass hysteria as she bolts into Prime Access.

Get Nyx Prime Access now and make the newest Primes yours - instantly - including Nyx Prime, Hikou Prime and Scindo Prime. Plus, stock up on discounted Platinum and get Exclusive Gear available only through Prime Access!


Packages include:



Reach into enemy consciousness and dominate with Nyx Prime, the newest addition to the ranks of elite Prime Warframes.



Add the deadly Hikou and Scindo Primes to your Arsenal.



Modify your Warframe with Targis Prime Armor and the Vala Sugatra Prime. Add Exclusive Nyx Prime Avatars to your online presence! Speed up your in-game progress with 90-Day Affinity and Credit Boosters.



Give your Platinum supply a boost at a great price.

Click https://warframe.com/prime-access to learn more about Prime Access now!




  • Nyx Prime, Hikou Prime, and Scindo Prime have emerged in the Void! Visit the Void today to begin your hunt for the latest Prime gear. See here for the starting location of this new content that will be updated as it's discovered: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/172911-prime-gear-drop-locations/
  • Added in missing idle animations for Loki, Mirage, and Nova (noble). When inactive for a few seconds, each of these frames will now have idles!
  • Added Rescue 2.0 and Rescue mission rewards to a number of nodes:

Corpus Ship: Mars - Vallis and Nereid - Neptune.

Grineer Asteroid: Sedna - Jengu, Phobos - Gulliver, Saturn - Numa, Uranus - Mab.

Grineer Galleon: Saturn - Anthe, Uranus - Caliban, Sedna - Naga, Sedna - Veles. Difficulty rebalancing also occurred for these nodes.



  • Fixed issue with the Kronen and Silva & Aegis both not having a proper wall attack.
  • Fixed Energy Vampire making clients think they have been given 2x the energy they should've received, when they actually got the proper amount.
  • Fixed crash that would occur if you shutdown the game immediately after hitting abort mission.
  • Fixed issue with Oberon’s Smite not being able to target Orokin Shield Drone.
  • Fixed an issue where Orokin Shield Drones would rotate onto their sides when shot by the Nukor.
  • Fixed several gameplay crashes.
  • Fixed an issue with thrown melee weapons (Glaive Prime/Kestrel) losing weapon functionality if they perform a ground slam attack when they are already close to the ground while in melee mode.
  • Fixed Vauban's Bastille slowly deteriorating frame-rate each time it was cast. Thanks to Test Clan Please Ignore for helping isolate the problem.



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