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[Corpus-Tenno] Arcane Top Hats: Vespa, Menticide & Vanguard Sales


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Place your Orders via replies noted by the Number corresponding to the given set for reservations. 

These said reservations are required and should be confirmed via in-game messaging. 

IGN: Yeomanry


ARCANE Built Helmets

The rest of the Arcane Helms are on auction: minimum bid of 50p. All Orders should be confirmed via in-game message. Top bidder wins within a 24hr countdown once a bid is placed.



1. Vanguard: Rhino

Minimum  Cost of 350p. 


2. Vespa: Nyx

Minimum  Cost of 250p. 


3. Menticide: Nyx

Auction: Minimum Bid of 100p


3. Avalon:    Excalibur

4 Chlora:     Saryn

5. Chorus:   Banshee

6. Espirit:     Vauban

7. Hemlock: Saryn

8. Reverb :  Banshee




3-8 Arcane Helms can be bought with In-game credits. Each has a minimum cost of 9m. 


All commodities are stolen from Alad V's Tenno Cache. I had to cut each of your comrades' heads to acquire their helmets. Order now before that Purple Weird-Head marks me down.



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