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Nai-Zhen Collar Disappeared After Host Migration (Kubrow Bug)


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I was with some Clan mates who were farming Eximus on Sechura, one of which is notorious for being a very laggy host, who also just so happen to be hosting the game. (why the guy insists he host even though he *knows* he has bad internet I'll never figure out....)


Anyways, I bring along my Kubrow seeing as I just forma'd her and I wanted to level her back up. Normally she's very good about....well....not being buggy as all heck. She rarely clips through the environment, she doesn't change size randomly, the only thing I can think of is she doesn't seem to recognize certain inclined plains, but that's a post for a different thread.


So, my Clannies and I spawned in and started the mission. The lag was so horrendous that enemies were running in place, teleporting closer and closer to the cryopod, all while they were taking absolutely no damage from me or my Kubrow. 


About halfway through a wave, the game decided to do a host migration. the Lag King that was our host got disconnected from the game, and the game obviously chose what it felt was a better host (not me.) Afterwards, the lag I was experiencing stopped completely. I was actually able to see the Infested run towards the Cryopod and they were actually taking damage from me and my Kubrow.


After the wave ended, I noticed a few things off about the Kubrow:


1) she was no longer the Petite Beef cake that I adore, rather, a majestic black and purple Bear nearly as tall as my Saryn. and 2) Her Nai-Zhen Collar disappeared completely and left a slight dent in its place, which was made all the more odd seeing as the Gradivus Badge I have on her was still there.


Images embedded to show the bug. Hopefully they show up, I switched over to Imgur because Photobucket kept giving me hell....




Here's one (sort of ) showing the size comparison between Saryn and Madame Curie.



Top view



I guess to help better show the size difference, here's a screen shot after the mission with Madame Curie back to her normal size, and her collar back in place.



I dunno if this bug has been reported or how often it's been mentioned, if at all (the Nai-Zhen collar one, not the size one)...I thought I'd just make a thread pointing it out given that when I tried to find a thread about it, I didn't see one.


Also: Event emblems and clan emblems still clip through the necks of the Beefy Kubrows

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