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Have Small Question Regarding Payment Method.


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If there is any staff members that are specialized with this, or staff members that can relay the question (support i feel is the wrong area for asking questions). My question is as follows.


I am American, but currently living in Germany. I do have a US Bank account and Card, and also a Paypal account connected to said bank account, which has some cash on it as birthday gifts from family, not much but some.


The last time I tried my card while in germany, DE was using another company to handle the payments, and with the new one, I am wondering, is it now possible I could use my card and/or my US Paypal account while in Germany.


I ask because if i were to buy something from DE, I would have to transfer money from my Paypal to the Paypal account of my Girlfriend. Here the Prime Access accessories pack is 45Euro, to buy that I would need to send at least 60USD, which is 10 more than if I were to buy the pack in USD.


Any help is appreciated, more so with solid information and links and/or proof.

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