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Warframe Codex Lore-Vauban(2/19/15)


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ITT, i will be throwing in my own codex lore entries for various frames who have no yet recieved any lore description...

DE and the developers of Warframe have my permission to use or modify any content in this thread.




Log entry C26:

i feel confident to conclude to myself that, this time, there may yet be a solution to the issue with our test subject. and about time too, otherwise the board would've likely had us...decommissioned...the subject included.


as usual, Unit 349 elicited very passive behavior in the simulations the testers ran, nothing short of expectation if there was any. i had began to think that he was a lost cause. my partner began to share my thoughts. if i hadnt mentioned before in previous log entries, 349 is among those few of his kin who are mentally unstable. of course, that being said, he isnt the first that we had to work with. but he would've been our last.


it is often encouraged that people in my field of expertise browse the information archives into rather historical horizons. for the months that i have been working with 349, i failed to find anything relevant to his nature, at least, until last week, when i came across Loki, the name of some mischievous deity from a long dead culture. and it was at the very last sentence of the description that i knew the potential 349 could bring.


i had then grown a high confidence in our project, but we would have to run more simulations to see if 349, Loki, could actually perform such feats. he is very well fit, and he's keen. we know that very well. he will only use weapons if they are vital to a given situation. i was confident that the board would accept Loki. thankfully, he would be the problem of Lotus from then on. i am more intrested in subjects that are rather more relevant to combat.


logging out.



in the day, the men traveled. in the night they hid. on Earth's Jorgunin Forest was was a horde for various beasts. of course, this squad of men weren't supposed to be there.


though rarely a phenomenon, the Worm Ships stray too close to the core of humanity. and that's not always bad for just the Worm Ship. if the men hadn't had the bad luck of having to manage the satellite comm relays at the time, maybe they would still be a team of more than 6. but that was irrelevant, the Sentients are matched only by the organisms of this ancient forest, flora, fauna, whatever wasnt exactly an herbivore. and the men, with no efficient equipment for such a place, had to survive that dense place.


at one point, the men had managed to regain contact with the Empire. Extraction would be in their path within a few days...a few days...they were already suffering for the first couple days they had to live. some indigenous Kubrows, the beta predator species of the forest, don't take kindly to humans who dont possess the scent of the forest.


old Lorinus washes his hands at a stream the next day. the forest bellows out at itself, but who would know? middle aged Lorinus scouts ahead for a decent waypoint to light up a beacon when the time comes. how foolish of the man, he ought to have had a partner along with him. sure enough, he didnt recognize the den he was standing over. time tells itself as he runs screaming for his life, again, something that must not be done in a forest like that. Lorinus takes out his sidearm and starts shooting at the wretched dogs, and only ends up hitting one of them. he ought to know, no man can outrun a Kubrow, let alone a wild one.


Lorinus could hardly recall the few moments after, he remembers getting pounced on and bitten many times over. but the pain stops as he starts seeing the lights. green lights, hovering over him and around the Kubrows, giving them an impression to cease their attack. he couldnt see much, but he does see the dogs in pain, being lifted by the green lights like pebbles. old Lorinus almost felt the force that was levitating the wild animals. but before he could come come close to seeing the body that owned the white horns in front of him, the dogs were slammed hard to the ground. he was blinded by blood. in pain, he wouldnt have been able to move much to see the thing anyways.


Lorinus doesnt remember much of it, as said before. time has consumed his memory. but he does remember being lifted by a rather tall form he could not see. he was in too much pain to wipe his eyelids or resist. but he could feel the semi-organic skin of the thing. he lost alot of blood and was loosing himself to the darkness. over time, however, Lorinus feels a kind of soothing pain over his body. pain that he may not enjoy it, but soothing that he may bear with it until it passed. the soothing pain was like a rebirth of the body, a pain that promised that no more pain would become of it for all time. he  surrendered to that illusion and rested.


he remembers waking up and his team all sleeping sound. yet another foolish thing to do in such a place. would they survive? Lorinus had gained a newly-found faith that they might make it. Jorgunin Forest, they say, is where the Empire lays waste to all their secrets...perhaps not all of them were hostile.



our enemies have keen eyes. we had to adapt and become keener. the need to innovate in the arts of combat strengthened. we were losing our worlds to them, history, technology. furthermore, our own world would turn against us; all in our creation grew restless and defied our supremacy. even the fellow man would terrorize his brothers in anger and fear. our Lotus and its knights would not rest into the chaos. we, they, implemented in something greater.


Saryn was one of many solutions, but all that defined her was poison to the tongue. we forged in the void a creature that manifested our deepest morbidity towards our enemies. there was a demand for the shattering of flesh and alloy, and Saryn answered to it. one of our kin envisioned a seductive frame, one that was deceivingly motivating. it was a sultry lie, one that we were glad to forge.


the toxic nature of this creature was meant to be unpleasant. she writes the words of venom and death with the art of calligraphy. illusive and deadly, Saryn intimidates even her own kin. one cannot discern whether she was meant to fulfill his/her desires or dissolve them in miasma. though that is not relevant to the Sentients, she will peel away at them nonetheless. flesh, alloy, carbon, etc, all will corrode by her contagion.



words are absent to my tongue, but i will give you this:

my upbringing is irrelevant to the battlefield. i am the sum of my actions; i am a killer. im not meant for sympathies, though i will protect my brothers and sisters. i was born to kill, to destroy. your shadow or another's, i am the cold chill on your spine. you are the sum of your own actions, and that may be your demise by my shadows.


i am within the darkness, slowly suffocating it. all that ally themselves with the darkness shall suffocate as well. i am as efficient as my knives. my enemies will find them very lethal. i am as swift as sunset, and as blinding as the storm. i am everywhere at once, watch your shadows and watch theirs. there is no space or time that i cannot be. my shadows will agree.


ally, your shadow is a guardian. enemy, your shadow exists no longer. flesh or metal, my enemies will be as lifeless as ash. are you an ally or an enemy? my shadows will decide.



the following is a passage from the epic, "Thrislen's End."


the mover of the sea, he waged war against space and time itself.

an aged creature, only time would tell

a bearer of ocean worlds is a treasure from the vaults of Void.

a master, the masters would claim, in the sea of the Hydroid.


he ventures to empty black seas no other would dare to go.

not a humans nor Sentient, he was a being built a Tenno.

born under the eyes of Leviathan, tales do tell.

summoner of his familiar, the Sentients know too well


he cannot die, for he is the vast sea

a sea of our Empire's biological possibilities

his might is a message our masters would send

to mark the beginning of Thrislen's end.


Trinity Prime

i work alone because i feel alone. but one of my brethren was assigned to me in my perilous task. we had to storm past the blockade circle of dead Worm Ships we created and travel the other side. he had to make sure there was a clear path for the platoon back at the tower. her name, who knows? but she appeared as one not to fight.


she tells me that combat is not her specialty, but she'd help out with all of her strength. what strength? i thought to myself. with what little strength this golden nymph possessed, she couldnt hope to make a difference. but that is what is to be expected. there must be something about her that i do not yet realize.


our wings spread as we soared out of the gilded tower. we found the blockade of Sentient debris. we carved a way past it and stealthily peered into the outside. there was no outside, just more void. i was uncertain, i had thought that our enemies gone. i forced my way out and was on the outside of the blockade. somehow, they were smarter than we had expected.


i felt their dead shots on my back, dissipating my shields. i didnt have enough time to react, they werent behind the blockade, they were in it. and i fell for their trap. i turned my head and saw the nymph destroy the thing with stress. i wasnt surprised. however i was in critical condition. i couldnt pull forward with our mission. i was dying. though we, the chosen, were designed as the solution against the Sentients, their weapons, their might, were a match.


i drifted off, my wings no longer supporting this frame. my soul was becoming empty. but the nymph of a Tenno, she held me. something was strange, i felt light, very light. the weight of my frame no longer bearing down on me against the pressureless space. things started to feel fuzzy, though i was badly damaged before, i felt like i was elsewhere, in a world filled with tranquility. as if i had touched the well of life.


the nymph said that this was her blessing. and over time, she let me go. the weight of reality bore down once more, but somehow, i could bear with it. this was her blessing? it was strange. i felt as if i had never been in pain before. in fact, i felt better than when we began our mission. my masters never cease to create something strange among us. the nymph had saved my life. i had a feeling she could do it many times over. with that in mind. i think this mission might not be over just yet.



Kruvik was confirmed to be dead by our comrades. that was the fourth one of us to fall.


after holding off our enemies long enough, reinforcements eventually came through to finish our cause against the Empire. my squad was extracted to a carrier ship. we delicately carried our lifeless casualties, Kruvik with even more care. those that were with him had stormed out to rush the enemy by the side...but, they came back. perhaps they could explain how he became the mess that he was.


they were catatonic throughout the entire voyage back to base. we asked time and again what happened, but they wouldn't give way to knowledge. i got up from my seat and examined the bodies.


"these three right here," the medic says. "they look as if a wall had hit them hard. but look closely,"


i look upon one of the three with keen perception and saw... i saw flakes on their skin, metal flakes. "never seen this alloy myself," the medic says. "we're going to need a closer look back at base... and..."


the medic stares at Kuvrik. i could see the stern look of concern on his face. i had already seen enough of Kuvrik that i dont want to see anymore. it was morbid, very morbid. its like every square inch of him was...undone, but stil structured. "get those men over there talking. i want to know how this happened."



we had to dispose of the abomination in the Horus VII before it contaminated the rest of the fleet in due time. our cruiser had linked with the dead ship in due time. high command is very edgy about containing and exterminating these...things... but how bad could they be? never has there been an alert of a major spread. the fact is that it's far too slow. either way, our job was to decontaminate it with powerful toxins that worked against the abomination.


the pressure levels were unstable on the Horus, but our armored pressure suits combated against those conditions. at least, most of us. the crested Void-bearer carried not our handicaps. it, she, was specialized for this operation. we traversed the corridors and chambers, which at then looked like the bowels of an ancient beast filled with tar. a dark and eerie ambiance filled the ship. masses of the abomination were lively, but not conscious. our hands held tight on our weapons. this place needed cleaning.


we traversed far enough that light escaped our perception. he were forced to feel our way past the cries of the masses and the low utterances of the enemy which we could not see. i heard roars and gunfire all of a sudden. the lights flashing revealing vague glimmers of what used to be our allies. i would not hesitate before their dead faces, i pulled the trigger and fired where i was sure of the enemie's presence. they had been aware of us at the core. they would all find us and we would be one of them soon.


however, that's what our Void friend was here fore. the Captain tells us that she's specialized to not rely on eyesight, and instead use the betraying quality of sound to place her marks. as my men and i fired at the enemy, i started to hear nothingness as if there was never anything to hear in the first place. my eyes fail me, and my ears fail me. my feet, incapable of translating the vibrations on floor, trembled in the fear of the dark, an enemy could be in my face and i wouldnt even know if it roared at me. but that wasnt to last, we all were blind in two ways at that moment, but our beloved ears started working once more. though i heard the the ambiance of the ship, the cries of the abomination were dead silent. two dead casualties were reported as a result of a silent carnage that we didnt even know was happening. i heard footsteps from afar, i had my gun in hand prepared for the worst.


then, light came upon the area we were in, revealing the silence of the creatures that came and the rest to come.



dear Pirzan Vak


i am Imperator Vartoh. we met once at the reception a few months prior. you know, THE reception... my master offers her condolences for the loss of your father. though tragic as it may be, many of those in his class have grown wary recently. treachery among the lower division is arising.


you and my master both know your little family secret... your great one's work in the "place." few know of this deed, and we would like to keep it that few. however, my master, you see, is very demanding in her family's security, her wealth, her legacy especially. no man nor woman can make her feel secure about any of that. but the thing that will answer all my master's problems is in the key you have confined.


i am not giving you this letter to demand anything of you. it is merely to give you perspective. how you handle the key is your business. but should you wish to reawaken what your father liked to call "Volt," well, let's just say that my master has her own family secret, one that was never quite... completed... with "Volt," perhaps, that secret can be completed once and for all.


again, Lord Vak, we would like to keep secrets secret. please allow two golden houses to coexist and prosper. both have issues with security, and it's time to silence insecurity with a shocking touch.


yours apologetically,

Imperator Vartoh



somewhere in darkness, a creature rested. it he would dwell upon the shadows but not be one among it. an interpreter, a monger, a morbid thing, he waited. what being would be possessed as to forge such a nature? in the end, our time was that of art. and art expresses even the blackest hearts in place of gleam.


somewhere in darkness, a creature steals the essence of the damned and bends it to his will. words are stolen, self is stolen, life is stolen. this creature knows nothing of ethical concerns, only of hunger. he would consume all that the damned could offer in body. he feeds on that repulsive stench of death. it makes him more... alive, as if he weren't from the start.


somewhere in darkness, a creature rests, a slumber waiting to be shattered. yet it is a slumber that knows no solace. the creature would instill the basest terror within and decay the fragile mind inside. he waits to be called only by one and no other. all else is foreign to the tongue. those who don't reek of decay will suffer post-mortem. only one may silence the decay. only one may awaken the creature when needed. though time has robbed him of why he waits, he waits to be called, post-mortem nonetheless.



though different, we and they are quite similar. we assess a situation as they do. though different our methods of conceiving algorithms, we conceive them nonetheless. for ages, we have fought a seemingly desperate war for survival. they were there at every turn, in one region or the next. and they learned, just as we love to learn, the more they knew of us, the less we knew of them. though similar as we are, they were better at remaining a mystery. so we delved into other mysteries. the darker plane was one. there was bound to be another.


we, the few who remain hidden, have been studying a different existence, just another piece of our reality. we were desperate; they learned, they always do. they always find some mathematical sense in our nature. they even found mathematical sense in the dark place. those that bore that might have been studied by them. we knew it was only a matter of time, so we had to study something that couldnt be studied. something between things but not necessarily of the two.


through seemingly endless trial and error, we successfully conceived such a theorem for a technology that was unknown. but the issue was: how long before they discover it? just like all the rest, its a matter of time. the enemy wasnt going to know our investment, our solution. unfortunately, because of that, nor would our kin. only those who are lucky enough to solve our theorem would gain the technology. if we are to win this war, we must have secrets of our own. some of the pieces of the puzzle will be scattered across the system, the rest, however, will remain in limbo.



they gave me no preparation, no chance to thought. i was immediately transferred to Chamber 5E. i had no idea what the project was or who the subject was to be. i was told they needed more hands at work there and i was the unlucky candidate. i found the outer room where the assigned group was. i noticed that, for some reason, there was a sharp but subtle sound in the back of my head.


"i have b-" i said before being interrupted by one of the doctors.


"shh!" one of them said with a finger on their mouth. he whispered, "we've been waiting for almost a half an hour. put on that protection gear on the table."


"doesnt look like it could protect my body very well given what i've dealt with in the past," i whispered back while putting on the strange suit. i noticed that all of them were wearing them unmasked.


"its not necessarily your body that it protects," another whispered. "now get in there, quick!"


i reluctantly put on my suit along with the mask. it felt like i was in a straight jacket; certain parts of the suit felt more like restraints than anything else. either way, i opened the door into the chamber. the doctors quickly donned their masks. some were breathing heavily as if anxious. either way, i went in, spotting a doctor standing behind the body.


"hurry," he whispered.


"why is everyone so quiet," i whispered. the doctor eyed the subject. i took a closer look at it. it was female, seemingly adolescent by the looks of the body structure. there were these strange bolts situated throughout her body, to my understanding, they connected to certain nerve endings. the most peculiar of the subject was that her face was completely concealed in what seemed to be a helmet or a restraint, devoid of light but permitted air. even the head restraint had bolts on it. i felt it unnerving to look at such a thing.


"im sorry, b-but why-" i started.


"shh!" the doctor prompted quietly. "she is sedated. it's in our best interests to keep her that way."


"if she's sedated, wouldnt she stay that way?" i asked quietly.


"not this one," he whispered back. "get that syringe."


a syringe filled with a clear solution was near me. i picked it up and waited for instructions.


"the middle bolt on her forearm facing your direction, i need you to inject that solution into it," he whispered.


i tapped the side of the needle and found the mark, i penetrated the bolt about halfway and slowly injected the solution. i felt my own breathing. the sounds of the room sharpened. it was as if my senses were heightened. the sharp sound in my head felt sharper and more distinct. and i could swear i saw the female's arm move a bit. but my mind was unable to make that conclusion. 


"is..is.." i tried.


"is what?" the doctor asked while making more injections.


"is this what she does?" i quietly asked. "mess with your perception? wh-what happened to the person that i replaced?"


the doctor paused his actions. he looked down at the subject and took a deep breath. "that's above you, newcomer," he whispered. "in fact, i cant tell you much about this operation or the details. just do exactly what i say, and you'll be alright."


i grew concerned with the subject on the table. it breathed slowly; it was sleeping. the doctors here were clearly anxious working with this one. i figured sedation would be a clear solution. but somehow, it wasnt for this one, and i only wondered how she was to safely be shipped to "storage."


i didnt notice before, but it turned out that, from the start, i had been working after working hours. we had been an hour in. the ship should've closed completely 15 minutes ago. and not a second passed where i couldnt hear the disturbing noise in my head. in fact, it felt more like a cold voice. i grew worried and felt the need to ask, "okay, what's going on here. we're going past hours."


"oh, working hours dont close for another 4 hours," he said.


i sighed, "another thing im not allowed to hear?"


the doctor paused and said, "tell no one else i told you. the working hours for everyone else closes to give clearance to this subject here... lets just say that these subjects have a way of communicating. we dont want this one waking up because of that."


"what happens if she wakes up?" i whispered.


"there's a reason why we're working with these suits. if you werent wearing yours, you'd have more to worry about than just hearing a voice in your head. and if she were to wake up, the suits wouldnt make a difference."



beginning Test 3


scenery shifts.



-field empty.

-exploitable regions present.


tactically placing traps.



-enemies will be unable to immediately detect traps.

-68.3% success probability. estimated to be most tactically efficient.


traps placed.

taking cover.


enemies appearing.


Enemy B nearing Trap C.

Enemy D nearing Trap E

Enemy B and Enemy D terminated.


Enemy A, Enemy C, and Enemy E suspicion levels appear to have risen. reaction predicted.

remaining enemies disburse searching for traps.

placing traps between them.

traps triggered.

Enemy A, Enemy C, and Enemy E terminated.


beginning Test 4.


scenery shifts.



-8 enemies present. unaware of current presence.

-no exploitable regions.


taking cover.

calculating chances of survival.



-survival success rate less than 30%.


survival highly unlikely but not impossible.

brainstorming tactics.


placing traps between Enemy C and enemy D.

Enemy A aware of presence.

taking damage from Enemy A and now-aware Enemy C.

Enemy D destroys traps.


terminating Enemy C.

hiding trap on dead Enemy C.


taking damage from Enemy A.

terminating Enemy D.

taking damage from all currently-living enemies.

using dead Enemy D as shield.

hiding trap in dead Enemy D.

leaving dead Enemy D upon the ground.

running from fire.


living enemies step near dead Enemy C and dead Enemy D.

traps trigger.

all living enemies terminated.


tests complete.


scenery returns to factory setting.


two test regulators enter the field for body examination.



-test regulators will be unable to immediately detect prematurely made traps.

-84.3% success probability, estimated to be most tactically efficient.

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Loving the initiative! I personally have tried to fill the void of Lore, and this is a great way of doing just that!

I like the way the Loki is referenced, but not revealed. Maby a tad *too* vague though, even if we all know what he can do of course.

Will add this to my fan lore!

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like it very nice codex entries and i quite like that you try to create better codex entries since the last ones we got for warframes were quite barren and very uninspired

barren? i think that was the point though. DE is really sensitive when it comes to giving too much lore detail. they like to keep the origins of everything vague because it allows the players to speculate on it. they will always withhold the major details of warframe so the lore as a whole doesnt spoil. and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

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Loki: Very good!

Oberon: A little loose in the start, but wraps up nicely.

Saryn: Pretty nice.

Ash: Very good as well, the first person view is very original.

Hydroid: Alright, I guess. The story was kind of lost to the rhyming.

Trinity Prime: Good, maybe do all the regular frames first though.

All of these need grammar work. The lack of capitalization, and proper punctuation, kind of give the impression that you don’t care about what you’re posting. Keep posting, these are interesting!

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