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So How Does Critical Strike Work?


My current mod for my rifle grants me 125% critical strike chance. Yet I'm still not getting a critical strike every shot. in fact, it still seems to happen only every few shots, hovering at about 80-70% chance at level, yet at lower levels is critically striking each shot.


In this regard, do enemies have a Critical Strike Resistance stat, and how can one calculate that?

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+Critical Strike % increases the percentage of critical strikes, not the chance of crits... that confusing, here;


Crit chance = base crit * Crit chance mod


So if your rifle has 20% crit chance, with the +125% crit chance mod you`ll have 20%*225% = 45% chance to crit.

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The mod with +crit chance works multiplicatively and not additively.


For example:

Your base crit chance is 5%. Now you apply a "+" 30% mod. This raises your crit chance by 1.5%, therefore you have a crit chance of 6.5%.


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