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The Hammer Of Doom


Got my fragor yesterday and now it is lvl 15. Its very nice seeing grineer fly.

Now I intend to put potato on it when it reaches 30 and my question is which mods should I use in the meantime.

Oh and how does fragor fare on later levels vs infested. Whats your experience with fragor.

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Fragor is excellent for Infested especially if you are surrounded by chargers just charge that puppy upp and they'll go flying.


I highly suggest that you equip it with Charge dmg and charge speed so you won't have to deal with the incredibly slow attack of it.

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Why do you want to wait till lvl 30 to supercharge your hammer?


Yeah, there's no reason to wait. Once I know I like a weapon, I put the reactor in as soon as possible, so I can reap the benefits of double mod space early. 

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