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Alerts With "?" Reward


Since this isn't actually a Alert warning ingame, but a doubt, i'm gonna put it here.


I have a few questions about alerts, here they go:


1st. Does the Alerts appear randomly? Or from time to time (like every 30 minutes).


2nd. Does "?" Reward alerts appear randomly when a alert "spawns" or once again, from time to time (like every 2/3 normal credit alert, a "?" reward alert spawn).


3rd. Is there a list of possible rewards? I know there is the blueprints of Orakin Reactor/Catalyst, some warframes and warframe helmets (if not all), dark sword. But only those? Or more?



ATM i believe this covers all i "need" to know.


Regards, and happy hunting.

Your friendly Tenno, Endrance

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1st: Random


2nd: Random appearance


3rd: Every item can drop. But I think orokin stuff is special in some ways. But all the other stuff can drop. skins, weapons etc

Thanks, that answers my doubts.



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