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The Eternal Empire Is Recruiting! [All Research, Clan Emblem, Full Dojo, Clan Website, Newbie Friendly]


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We are currently over 190 members strong, and are looking to expand. There are at the very least 5 members online most of the day at any time, and more on weekends. We have both NA and EU members, although we are still slightly biased towards NA.


The community is friendly, and newbies are definitely welcome. If you are a newbie (or an older player for that matter) and have any questions, there is probably someone on and willing to help you answer it. However, we certainly don't mind more experienced players. The only thing you need to join is not to be a jerk!


Interested about the dojo? Here's the map! Don't want to learn the way stuff is connected? Don't worry, we just got teleporters to all the important places anyway.


We are currently not interested in Dark Sectors and alliances. However, we plan to start have a shot at them once we properly fill up the clan.


Like what you read? Just head over to www.eternalempire.net and apply! Then, one of your leaders should look over your application and, if everything is all right, approve it and invite you to our community proper. We look forward to welcoming interested Tenno!


Oh, yeah, if you still need more information, please go ahead and ask!

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