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Package Options For Prime Access


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I apologize if this is in the wrong section but I though since I wanted to discuss this topic it felt right to put it here.

I've been wondering why there hasn't been more package option for prime access. This time around I really don't care or the frame a d really would just like to purchase a pack that has the visuals and the weapons.

I don't much care for the 90 day boosters as I feel most o it would be wasted because I take moderate breaks from the game.

Maybe even put up an option to buy individual pieces of the prime access and we just don't get the plat/boosters because of it. But I don't enjoy being forced to buy something that has items in it that I feel would be wasted.

Just my two cents on this.

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They simply cant sell them without boosters... But to have different type of boosters to choose from - that is what we need.

im sorry but im having a hard time believing this. thought i will say, they do cut their prices down with these packs by a good amount. i just dont see reason why i cant buy a pack that has the sugatra, the armor and the two weapons for 50 bucks?

i dont want to play nyx, never really was interested in her, but im wanting to spend money on this game but dont have the options to which would get me to give them money.

i just think their should be more options for people who wish to spend money to be able to spend it. limiting choices and bottle necking your customers into things or extra things they may not want is wrong to me.

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The reason is simple: if there was an option to buy just the accessories or pick 'n' mix whatever you want from the pack, hardly anybody would buy the more expensive packs. The prime gear is available in game, and at that only the Nyx Prime has awkward to get components, so no point in buying those. The boosters? Nope, don't want those. Do you really need that much platinum? No, not really. All people would buy would be the exclusive accessories each time, the items that are meant to be an incentive for you to buy the packs in the first place.


While I agree that it would be great for us, the consumer, to be able to buy what we want at a lower price... it wouldn't be in DE's best interest. Be thankful that they listened and made the accessories/booster pack from player feedback - that's the closest you'll ever get.

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