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Cryotic Front- Lf Us Based Players.


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Trying to hit 3000k points with noobs is hard, especially when they aren't from the states and their internet connection is pooooo. Hence why I refuse to play with the BRs, PRs and whatever other $&%#s.

LF US players ONLY. Good internet connection(10mbps+) and preferably late night players. My buddy and I start about 9pm East and go until after 12am east.

I may sound picky but when my friend and I play, both of us have good internet connections, I have ZERO lag issues. Played cyrotic fronts last night and had a BR join our squad...the lag got so bad for both him and I we were moving in slow motion and I got stuck in a running position on a tree root, got revived 2x and still couldn't move...very frustrating.

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