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New Events With Update.



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Moved to a proper section.

This link will provide information on everything in the recent update -- https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/314367-update-145-operation-cryotic-front-nyx-prime-access/


This was confusing, and I think they changed the text, but DE-Drew gave this reply in that thread:


Tactical Alert Schedule:
October 3rd @ Noon EDT until October 8th @ Noon EDT 
October 10th @Noon EDT until October 13th @ Noon EDT
For whatever reason, they listed the Avalanche Offensive under Tactical Alert schedule?  Tactical alerts are the event that involves using low conclave loadouts.  However, Avalanche Offensive was just super-damage-causing Eximus guys similar in some ways to Suspicious shipments.  Did they combine the events?  Not sure... but I asked there.
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