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Way To Edit Fov?



Is there a way to edit the FoV value?


I want to set mine to 78, but all we have in settings is the slider.


I rather just set it to the value I am most comfortable with instead of experimenting with the slider via nausea level.


If the value cannot be edited in a file somewhere, is the slider from 0 to 120?  or 0 to 100?

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I sit about 1.5 feet from the monitor, so don't need the FoV that high.  78 is what I find that allow me to play FPS for a long time.


Guess experiment it is then @.@


Thanks for the help.


In a FPS: The higher your FoV the better it is as you can see much more what happens around you. For example you may see a guy walking at the right side of your screen with a FoV over 100 but not if your FoV is just 65. Or im just imagining that and its a placebo effect :D but i usually see more the higher my FoV is.

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