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Warframe Wednesday?


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So, uh... it's wednesday... but we got an update yesterday.


I don't know whether or not to be hyped for today.


I'm kind of hoping there's a fix for the massive crash I've been experiencing since yesterday's update, but other than that, I'm not sure.

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Welcome to the world of low end (PC) warframe players. It really sucks. 

Except the part where my cpu, video card, RAM, and hard drive resources are all far from being used up, their temperatures are fine, and this still happens to me, and many other people.


This also happens on my gaming PC, not just my low-end computer.



I don't normally do this but i'll go out on a limb and say u15 today, I think yesterday's update was to clear the board so they could do u15, but guess we'll see.

Lol'd... no

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Probably some tweaking/hotfixes. Nothing to do with RNG though,oh no never.


I was hoping they'd release U15 this Wednesday, along with new prime access. But since PA's been released, I think U15 will come around 1-2 weeks later.


But you know, still kinda hoping DE will 'SURPRISE!' us.

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