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The Black Screen Of Doom


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The Problem:

Hello I've been here for sometime ( around 1.5 years forums included I'm just quite and don't like texting unless its meaningfull.) but I've recently upgraded to a sli top of the line bleeding edge laptop. However when ever I activate both mobile video cards at the same time and run the game it runs  stable at 360-330 fps at 1080p with 120hz screen at 2.9 -3.0 ms response times (outstanding ), However after 30 seconds have passed my game will freeze suddenly without any warning except for an adrupt ms increase then freeze ( this is quite sudden and suprising to all who have had this happen to them) then my screen goes black and the sound cuts off and my computer locks up. After doing a hard boot with my ssd drive. I switched to one video card and it ran perfectly fine at 135- 130 fps at 6.5 - 7.4 ms,

(good but not even close to half the performance) same settings as stated above.



I followed to procedure of using steam to check file integrity files were validated. I've reinstalled the game 3 times clean install's. I used auslogics  and repaired any errors  in the windows32 / 64 system run times.I have had no virus's since I'm using a custom  malware/ firewall system with pre detection and day zero protection. I've also reinstalled my drivers with a clean install using the latest non beta nivida drivers currently  ( 344.11) my bios is up to date and stable. no memory problems with my RAM  in duel channel which are not reporting any problems. As far as cooling is concerned I'm not even going above 55c for my gpu's and not above 60 c for my cpu ( intel 4940 mx) clock speeds have shown no signs of extreme over clocking or under clocking. My internet connection is stable. and I'm using a 64bit windows 8.1 with no issues. Using the process of elimination I have conducted the same tests with other early access games which demand more resources ,including a beast of a game  crysis 3 on a 4k screen ( 60hz) on the highest settings and have never had a single issue with playablily while stress testing other more demanding resource intensive games. 



In Conclusion:

It has come to my attention that there needs to be a serious hotfix for SLI based aswell as desktop based SLI compatiable systems inorder to support this game at a more optimalrate & unleash the full potential of this wonderfull gaming experiance. If anyone has also had problems with the black screen of doom please post below and if a moderator or admin reads this and this is not in the proper section or improper channel to fix this issue please notify me about this issue and remove/ block this post or move it to where you think it would have more of an impact to improving warframe.


Hardware used

Sager Monolith custom gaming notebook  from space...( 4,400 USD + shipping + extras )

windows 8.1 pro 64 bit

Display 120hz 17.3 inch display with  90% gamut matte 2ms>

intel 4940 mx 3.1  - 4.0 ghz quad core with 8mb l3 cache

nivida 2X gtx 880m  8 gb ddr5 ram 2x over 3000 cuda cores

16gb of kingston ddr3 ram

2x 750gb samsung Evo  SSD's raid zero 1050mb/ sec reads  1030mb/write speed

power supply  stable - at 400 watts

all bios and  drivers up to date

network - killer wireless 1202 network adapter

optical drive blueray burner/reader 6x /8x dvd burner



Thank you DE for making a third person space game art in a cool unique way.


Sincerly, A loyal fan



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Not to trying to be annoying but you sure the fps were capped at around 100 or lower?


Also you said you had both display cards on for the game? Your O/S should automatically choose by default your best card, it shouldn´t use both cards at the same time, infact its best it doesn't, and pretty sure it can't. Using your Nvidia control panel be sure to put warframe to run with the default "High processor" something something. 

Also just to exclude a possibiliy, disable that option and use your intel only and give the game a try, see if it happens.

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