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Grineer Rescue Mission - Hallway Bug - Can't Pass Through


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Hello! I'd like to report a bug, where I'm playing through the Grineer rescue mission mostly by myself and stealth kill all the wardens, get the hostage, and am unable to exit the area due to the hallway being blocked by a black wall. 


This happened twice, on separate Grineer missions. 


I hope this is helpful. Thank you for your time. 




EDIT: Here are the screenshots. 







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Reformatted the links. Not sure what's with the first screenshot, I reposted it on the bottom of the list and it works fine there. 


Did not try the vent shaft, I didn't know about it unfortunately. But if you go through my screenshots, the way back to the starting area is blocked off by the wall too. I noticed it did that once I went into the prison area. 

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