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Sentinel Recovery Gear


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I was doing some scanning in the void with my Helios sentinel for the orokin drone eximus, so I did a couple of defense mission in the void, and the eximus showed up, but my Helios was already destroyed....

even when the kubrow dies, there's a bleedout time and the time can be increased with "Loyal Companion" mod too, while the Sentinel only was one life (or something like it XD) so I suggest making a gear to recover the destroyed sentinel, it'll cost between 50k-100k or 10-20p 

comments, ideas?

thank you 

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Do you use Regen on sentinels? It allows them to come back to life after dying with slightly less health than normal. Alternatively just keep it at full health with an Oberon or Trinity. 


EDIT: Also take off the attacking precept. If the sentinel doesn't attack, It doesn't draw as much aggro and therefore lasts longer. 

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