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Need Help With My Void Loadout



I'm crafting a new loadout for Void missions only and need opinions and critique on this build.  Bear in mind that I am not a noob, I've been playing since this time last year.


Void Loadout


Frame:  Zephyr


Primary:  Attica crossbow (crit build w/ maxed out Thunderbolt mod)(I am not changing my mind on this, I have blown-though T3 with no problem with this.)


Secondary:  ? (This is where I need help,  I don't what kind of side would be the best.  At first I tried the Akvastos, but when it came to T3 it wasn't putting out the damage I wanted.  Advice?)


Melee:  Dakra Prime or Dragon Nikana? (Both are great, but I JUST CAN'T DECIDE)


Companion:  My Huras Kubrow? or my Wyrm Prime?  Thoughts?

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I prefer kubrows to sentinels and the Darka to the Nikanas personally. As for a secondary, try our the Brakk and Marelok as obvious answers. Other than that, try hikou prime maybe? I know the Lex Prime is a good bet. I think acrid is good these days too. 

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Dakra w/ Crimson Dervish is better than the Dragon Nikana. Since you have an explosive Pirmary, I would go for something hard hitting like maybe the Lex Prime or the Marelok. I currently am running Latron Wraith (Crit Build), Angstrum (Multishot&Mag build), and a Dakra Prime. But, really you just need to try out different weapons that fit YOUR play style.

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Depends on how long you want to go too. If you're sticking with the Attica, you're probably going to build it for lessers and will need a dedicated anti-Gunner sidearm - Brakk, Marelock, Akboltos, etc, with a Corrosive build.


If you've built the Attica with Corrosive, it's good enough for ~30-40 mins as anti-gunner, so the sidearm can be more generic, or something specialized like a Viral or Mag Tysis for killing Vor.


As for the melee, I much prefer the Dakra. More damage on Life Strike swings, and better copter the rest of the time.

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