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[Suggestion] Melee-Khopesh And Dual Khopesh


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I would love to see some khopesh themed weapons as Egyptian mythology has been a personal niche of mine, and not to mention i think they would fit into the warframe world really well. I wont bother posting stats as i believe you guys can come up with them just fine on your own and i trust your judgement.

v----Pictures for reference----v



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I remember mentioning something similar in one of the other threads here regarding melee weapons; so I'm all for it.


It looks friggin' cool, plus there's just so much you can do with a shape of a Kopesh - which would fitly with the entire "organic metal machine" visuals that Warframes are running on.


I imagine that such weapons would have longer reached than default swords...I'd really like them to be absolutely lethal against less-armored target. Like shredding several Infested with a single swipe...alternatively, a longer-ranged (but slower) anti-armor weapon like Ether swords.

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