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The Quadruple Kill: Heavy Machine Gun, Grineer Mace And Shield, A Grineer Reverse-Engineered Warframe, And An Epic New Friendly Faction, The Defilers!


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Hello, folks! Introducing the Quadruple Kill, where I, Worker, will be divulging out all my brilliant (not so) ideas out to the community. Images later, I swear (hopefully).


First off, HMGs! Like upgraded versions of the Gorgon, Soma, and Supra, these heavy beasts of weapons are perfect for mowing down enemies... just be careful not to run out of ammo, as you only have one clip, no ammo mutations, and rare pickups.


Tenno: Introducing the Albatross! As fascinating to look at as to use, the Albatross is your tried and tested Gatling-style rotary cannon, with six flying barrels and a massive ammo box of 600 rounds. The accuracy is epic, and so is the fire rate, but be careful, since the gun can't fire until she's finished spooling up.


Grineer: Introducing the Harpy! Messed up and contorted, just like the Grineer, the Harpy is a powerful quad-barreled flak cannon, slinging high-explosive (no so much) shells at the enemy. They may not be hitscan, and may not fire as fast, but the damage is there, and hey, who doesn't like peppering your enemy with a wall of flak rounds? 400 shells in a integrated magazine can certainly deliver your message, just don't waste them!


Corpus: Introducing the Infinitum! As squared-off and money-conservant as possible, this heavy laser was originally designed as an anti-fighter weapon to be mounted on Corpus ships. However, the prevalence of repeating laser cannons led to the mass decommissioning of these weapons. The Infinitum fires a powerful laser that takes some time to charge, widening and strengthening the beam with each passing second. Releasing the trigger also resets the charge time, so be carful when mowing down large crowds. It has a huge battery of 1000 rounds, but do be aware that it has an insanely high fire rate. Get out that Critical Delay, fellow Tenno!


Secondly, we have the Grineer Mace. Introducing the Mjolnir and Tarin, a rock-solid mace-and-shield combo perfect for crushing any enemy. Equalized slash and impact damage will surely ruin any Corpus's day, but be careful when using it vs. the armored Grineer. Slow and steady wins the race, and the Mjolnir exemplifies that perfectly, with ground-shaking blasts from its armored smashing head, while Tarin is guaranteed to soak up any incoming Flux Rifle lasers, or your money back. Silva and Aegis was lonely, so give Eleventh Storm somebody else to hang out with.


Thirdly, we have the newest (well, not so new) Warframe to come out of the shop. I'm sure that this idea is anything but new, so here it is.


Introducing Cezler, the Grineer Warframe reverse-engineered by a rogue Grineer battalion (Defilers)!


Unranked Stats:

Shields: 115

Armor: 85

Health: 100

Energy: 75 (Grineer engineers didn't do a very nice job here...)

Sprint: 1.2


Slow and steady like Rhino, Cezler is perfect for defense, using his deployables and his tools to thin, weaken, and cripple entire enemy legions.


Power 1: Tactical Explosive: 25

Cezler deploys a miniature Latcher, which makes a beeline for the enemy with the lowest health and explodes on contact.


Latcher has 45/60/75/90 shields and 45/60/75/90 health, with 15 armor. It will pursue the enemy with the lowest health within 25 meters of Cezler and explode on impact, dealing 150/200/250/300 Blast damage in a 2 meter AoE around the target. Cezler deploys 1/1/2/2 Latchers with each cast, and only one Latcher can target one enemy. 


Power 2: Combat Propaganda: 15+2/sec

Cezler deploys a miniature Regulator that increases friendly shields and armor while decreasing those of nearby enemies.


Regulator has 300/325/350/375 shields and 1 health, with no armor. As long as Cezler channels the ability, the Regulator will provide a 10%/15%/20%/30% bonus to friendly shields and armor, and decrease enemy shields and armor by the same amount. The aura is effective within 5/6/7/8 meters of the Regulator. If Cezler stops channeling the skill, the Regulator's shields will not recharge. If the Regulator is destroyed, it will explode, dealing 50/75/100/125 Blast damage to all enemies within a 2/3/4/5 meter radius, and knocking down enemies affected by its aura.


Power 3: Toxic Spill: 50

Cezler sprays a vicious corrosive liquid in an area around him, slowing enemies who enter and corroding their armor.


The goo travels in 3/4/5/6 blobs that explode upon touching an object. The maximum range is 4/5/6/7 meters, and the minimum is 2/1/1/0 meters. The explosion does 200/300/400/500 Corrosive damage in a 3 meter AoE and leaves corrosive residue on the ground in a 3 meter AoE that deals 25/35/45/55 Corrosive damage per second and slows enemies by 10%/20%/30%/40%. Both the explosion and the DoT has a 75% chance to proc Corrosive with each tick of damage. The puddles last for 20/25/30/35 seconds. 


Power 4: Assault Mode: 0

Cezler deploys his integrated weapons, leading his allies into the fray.


Deploys Cezler's integrated weapons. LMB will fire his Harpy, while RMB will fire a Ogris with homing missiles, similar to the Bombard. 2 rounds of Harpy ammunition cost 1 energy, and a single Ogris rocket will cost 10 energy. The Harpy will deal more damage and fire faster as the skill is upgraded, and the Ogris will fly faster and track better. Cezler also deploys a forward-facing shield that absorbs all incoming damage, but leaves him vulnerable to attacks from the side. Cezler cannot sprint, jump, slide, or do parkour while this power is activated, and moves 20% slower. Cezler cannot use any other weapons or powers while in Assault Mode, cannot pick up health and energy orbs, and will automatically revert to normal once his energy pool is depleted. 


Lastly, we have the new friendly faction, the Defilers! Commissioned by the Queens to study Tenno, they were disbanded following Vay Hek's succession to power. Angered at Hek's animosity towards the Tenno, the Defilers retreated into the darkness of Earth's moon Luna, and have continued their research in secret. Their hard work and diligence eventually led to the creation of Cezler using a broken and dying Excalibur and various Grineer augmentations. 


The Defilers inhabit underground bases on Earth's moon Luna, and use similar weapons to the Grineer. They can be identified by their modified Grineer logo, which has the Lotus superimposed behind the Grineer insignia. They will never fight against the Tenno, having been affected by years of research into them, and have been secretly smuggling Grineer weapons and blueprints to many Tenno.


In order to win the support of the Defilers, the Tenno must save them from the Grineer. After intercepting a Defiler shipment with hundreds of new Harpy cannons, the Grineer launch an all-out assault on Luna. The event will work much like the Hunt for Alad V, except that there will be many more missions than just Exterminate. Defiler troops will support the Tenno against the Grineer, and attempt to complete the objective with them. Rewards for the missions will include rare resources, rare mods, credits, Detonite, and Cezler parts. However, Cezler's blueprint will be hard to find, as the boss node needs to be unlocked first.


Tranquility, the boss node, is under attack by forces led by the upgraded version of Kela de Thaym, with integrated weapons similar to that of Cezler's. Defeat Kela, and she will have a chance to drop a Cezler BP. 


Rewards for the event will be distributed via mail. Each player who participated in a node battle will receive a badge; those who participated in 10 will receive an Impact mod set; those who participated in 15 will receive the Grataka Vandal, and those who participated in the Kela de Thaym boss node and successfully killed her at least once will be rewarded with a potatoed, slotted, and ready to go Harpy, Albatross, or Infinitum, along with a Defilers badge that shows how many battles they participated in. 


After the event, Luna will be constantly under siege by Grineer, Corpus, and the Infestation. Rewards for these invasions are normalized for both sides, although Cezler parts can be received by siding with the Defilers. The boss node, which pits the Tenno against a "test version" of Cezler, can be attacked, and occupied. The Defiler reward for supporting them in the battles for Tranquility is a guaranteed Cezler BP.


Thank you for reading this block of text, feel free to hate me in the comments below. 

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