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Stealth Weapons Should Be Matched Together


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The stalker has 3 weapons: Dread,Despair,and Hate. His primary(dread) has 2 other matching bows with different base damage types. Paris = puncture, Cernos = impact,and Dread = slash. I think that his other weapons should have matches as well. Despair has kunai and hikou. And Hate has Either Reaper and Reaper Prime. The Either part of Either Reaper is known for slash damage( good against Infeasted). So Stalker couldn't be all slash damage. So in conclusion I would say it should look like this


Primary: Paris(prime) = puncture, Cernos = impact,and dread = slash (no change)


Secondary: Kunai  = slash, Hikou = impact,and Despair = puncture


Malee: Reaper Prime = puncture, Either Reaper = slash and Hate = impact


I am not nit picky on which gets which base damage type, that is just how it could be.

I think this would be neat for different load outs. have a total stealth build for each faction

It just makes sense,for me, Please thumb this up if you like the concept :D

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