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Suggestion To Reduce The "grind" And Hassle Of "one-Run" Void Modes.


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So by now anyone who has traversed into the Void, or farmed for Prime Parts, knows how incredibly frustrating it could be at times, especially on the mission types where you only get 1 special reward at the end. The biggest example of this would be the Exterminate and Capture missions, with unlucky players having to play them over and over again in search of the one part they actually want/need.


My suggestion for this (other than heavily tweaking, to the point of it almost being a rework of the Drop System) would be to add in "Side-Missions" into these modes that share the same drop table as the mission itself.


What these side missions could be I don't know, but they'd be akin to stuff like the Grineer Caches in the latest event, stuff that you won't complete just by doing the actual objective (meaning you still have to work for it.) 


The Orokin Caches, for lack of a better name, would contain rare material found in the Void, and finding all three will net you an extra Prime piece at the end of the mission.


Thoughts on this, any concerns or improvements?

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Interesting idea.


I had a similar thought while farming mobile defense today:


As you may know, mobile defense may give a random amount of terminals to hack. This can extend the duration of the mission significantly, so I think if you ended up with a 3 or even 4 terminals (not sure if 4 is actually possible in void, but sure is in galleon) you could get 2 rewards instead.

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