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Can We Get A Warframe Animation Tool? (Request & Recommendations Thread)


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Well, sure there are a ton of Warframe animations out there. Most of these, however, are done in GMod / SFM, and result in choppy animations and poor lighting (not saying the engines are bad, just not compatible with Warframe's SFX). Does anyone know of any ways I can get started creating Warframe animations that are smooth? I have experience with animation, by the way.


If no such tools exist, will we ever see one in the future? DE seems to take pride in their fanbase's animations/art, and it'd be cool to do something like this.


Especially with the release of this trailer (

), I'd like to be able to do something similar to the Kronen animations with Excalibur.
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SFM is very powerful and is just not utilized properly. With enough time and effort, lighting and animation can be very impressive. The only difference is the lighting engine itself, but SFM can create animations in the exact same way as you would in maya or blender (albeit a bit weaker), it just depends on your settings and skill.


If SFM REALLY isn't satisfactory for you, you could simply import the models into Blender or Maya if you own the programs. It's not too difficult, and Maya is the what most of the animations are initially made in. You probably aren't going to be able to emulate the Evolution Engine's lighting to a T, but you can do enough I'm sure.

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