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All Survival Missions Don't Work.


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Any survival mission tried today, has had no luck.
My friend needs the incubator segment and he is unable to get it all day today.

You load up a survival mission, any (Void, normal, dark sector)
You will find an akward silence upon loading, the mission objective doesn't say anything.
You don't see a mark on the mini map for the security to hack and let them know your there.

Also other missions seem more 'laggy' then they were before. It could be a bad day for my internet, but in all honesty the fact other problems seem to be coming up today is very unusual.
Joining most normal games now, before the game starts it usually now says 'host migration in progress' and then it starts the game.... Where as that only came up before when some one disconnected.

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Did some more missions, including survival.
Everything seems normal again other then the host migration error.

I CAN pick stuff up again.

Maybe it had something to do with the incubator segment mission in specific, however it is working again.
(note: Incubator mission is the one I tried coming back from update, and unable to pick stuff up.)

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