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Recent "slash" Event... No Kubrow Slash Mod?


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They deal slash damage, It makes sense.

So why do all slash weapons in the game (including sentinal weapons) get a slash buff besides the Kubrows?


All classes benefit from these events. Don't you think it's time that you added our fury companions to the list?


DE plz.


P.S. Please direct your very well known Kubrow hatred to the 5,000 other threads (we know).

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Okay first thing's first.. Furry*


It's midnight in Sydney. Get over it :P


It doesn't really make any sense to me. Especially since they deal 100% slash damage.


A mod that could even convert a percentage of slash to puncture/crit etc... OR even heal it's owner in return.

What about the idea of adding them to the list though? They are the only ones that don't benefit from events.

Aura's even. Elemental resistance... ANYTHING!!!

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