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Will The Assassins' Weapon Ever Be Tradeable?


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It's been more than 13 months that I've been trying to farm Hate off Stalker, like when Damage 1.0 was still around :/ He barely pops up in my mission anymore and when he does I'll be alone with poopy gears (RNG is always watching). 


This includes G3 and Zanuka as well, as back then I couldn't get Detron due to our mechanical friend not spawning in any of my gameplay for not another couple of months when it was first released. So it'd be really neat if this feature could be implemented soon.

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Yeah, I've been looking since damage 1.0 as well. But I'm not as active as back then. Sad thing about it is, the influx in stalker, grustrag three and zanuka for me at least are waaaaaay higher.

I fight bosses a lot and do events and the like. Right now, All 3 are sending me hate mail as I say.

Stalker also seems to enjoy freaking me out. sends me hatemail, shows up in my mission in the corner, then ill be running around in the mission, then no stalker. Seems like he just wants to get in my head and freak me out then wait until im getting up to pee to start attacking.

Always play with groups too. I fought stalker, grustrag threee and zanuka 15 times this month. Still nothing. 

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Please no.  Guys, there is only five weapons the players actually have to "work" to get in the whole game; Hate, Despair, Dread, Brakk and Derton.  All the other gun are soooooo easy  to obtain its not even fun.  I hope they will never be tradeable.


I bushed my @$$ to get the Despair, and worked even harder on the Brakk.  I worked so hard to get the Brakk that I actually made a guide on how to hunt the G3 effectively.  If these blueprints and parts become tradeable,  a big line will go though that whole giude and at the bottom, I'll just add "just buy it like all the other weapons in this game".



Hunt with different groups.

Let them host!!! - can't stress this enough.

It will make a difference.

My reward for helping randoms and friends:

I would like to see proof for this please.

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