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Dragon Nikana Does Not Retain Orokin Catalyst.



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Unfortunately this is just how it works out, using a potatoed weapon to make an akimbo pair wastes your catalyst, and in this case using a potatoed Nikana to make the Dragon version follows suit. I can see the logic since DE needs money and potatoes are a great source of said money, but it does suck to buy and catalyze a single pistol only to have it undermined by a dual version that's superior in every way two months later. It pretty much discourages potatoing single pistols.


I same with the Nikana -> Dragon Nikana or any normal weapon -> the Prime version.

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In the crafting system the ingredients are takened out of your inventory - "destroyed".  Then the new crafted item when finished is put in.


It is not "upgrading your old Nikana into an better version," but "getting a new dragon nikana in exchange for the old one."


So the potato is not passed along.

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I'm gonna go out on a limb here, and guess that DE would prefer players to spend plat and buy another potato, and any suggestions we might have would prolly have to look better to them than making money.  Good luck. 


Remember (say it with me) "DE is a business....DE is a business..."


Sorry to be the (moderately) snarky bearer of wet-blanket (probable) truth, but it is what it is.  More player education would be better, but WF has always been notoriously weak in that area.  And nothing teaches like experience.

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