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Defense Rewards


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We have this situation where in survival, and endless mission, we get accumulating rewards.


But in Defense/Interception, this is not the case. 


It has been asked time and again to just let us accumulate rewards on those, which is fine. 




BUT if you don't intend to give us accumulating rewards on those infinite missions, why don't you let us choose?


The mission can roll 2 rewards and let the player choose between one of the two. 


The mission screen would show 3 buttons with the rewards as icons on them:


Pick <reward I> and exit; Pick <reward II> and exit; Continue fighting.

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I was thinking about it and wanted to post it in the french section first to have feedback and then post it here but why not get a sort of token system ?


Let me explain.


You start the defense with one choice possible. Then every 10/15/20 waves you can choose another reward. This way you can have multiple rewards in a mission but not all the rewards. And the more you go high in waves, the more you get rewards.


It can provide a compromise for the Devs who don't want Defense rewards to be cumulative.


Sorry if I'm not clear, I didn't have the time to write it in french and translate it. I did this on the go x)

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