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Devstream 37 Extra - Warframe Custom Shapes (In Photoshop)


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Anyone who follows our Devstreams will know that our most recent broadcast was all about our awesome concept team giving us a little insight into how it is they work.  They answered a lot of questions and walked us through their creative process, which you can see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRx6ANi_c9s'>here or read about here, but during the stream one request kept coming up over and over again:


How does Roger make all those cool Grineer brushes?

Thankfully Roger doesn’t like leaving questions unanswered, and he’s created a cool tutorial that can walk you through the process of making your own unique Custom Shapes! 



Another huge thanks goes to Roger for taking the time to help us learn a thing or two about creating those handy Warframe Brushes.  Go now, and create your own Grineer Shapes!



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