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Question Regarding Formas & Potatoes.



So for a long while I was dead set on using the scindo as my main weapon. Got maxed out fury, cleaving whirlwind max, and was working on a berserk mod. Friend of mine happened to get a Scindo also so I gave him a max fury mod and my max cleaving whirlwind mod. Nice guy ikr lol.

Before giving him this I had potated my scindo but I hadn't used any of my formas because of the message it tells you when you want to install it. Your weapon will be reset to unranked...ok...that worries a new player like myself.

When you install a forma AFTER you install a potato do you lose your mod capacity of 60 and reset to 30 with a polarized slot? Or do you keep the potential to mod up to 60 with a newly polarized slot?

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when you polarise your weapont will go back to level 0 ,so you have 0 point because the real effect of potato is not add 30 points ,it's a X2 to your actual points mean when your weapont will be 15 you will have 30 points available.

you will still with your potato, have to level up your weapont again to 30 and with this get a new polarity 

and when you polarise your weapont you are able to permutate polarity (change they're order)

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