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Interception Text Ui Is So Small And 1 Other Bug


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Was T4 key farming yesterday at Ceres,Draco when 14.5 hit so I can farm some nyx parts and I noticed the text for when you're capturing a point got extremely smaller then I remembered and makes it near impossible to read. Also what has been a major problem for me ,not sure if anyone else has this problem but when I die lotus or if I'm running a assassinate mission Lotus (Or the boss depending on what I'm doing) repeats all there lines for the mission you're playing on and continues if you revive and gets really annoying when you're in survival and trying to check the percentage. I have no screenshots but the bugs are easy to reproduce since they happen 99% of the time.


EDIT: Forgot to mention that if your controller has low battery power in the middle of a mission and you switch it out with fully charged batteries you wont get your vibration back unless you restart warframe.

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