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Suggestion For Viewing Your Teammates Kubrow's Before Mission


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Just a suggestion!


When you join a Cell/Squad, up in the top left where you can now view your Teams Aura Mods/Sentinals and Kubrows.


Instead of Displaying the Kubrow's Name-  What about Displaying the Type of Kubrow?  (IE. Sunika or Huras)


Better yet, the type and then the Name in Parenthesis? [iE. Sunika (Fluffy)] 


Showing the name is cool and everything but it gives absolutely no information as to what mechanics you have in your Cell.



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*shrug* it's better than just the Name- although it's not like you can quickly switch Kubrows if the whole team happens to be running the same type.


However, it is more likely that I would switch to maybe a Sentinal of some type if I am running a Raksa along with the other 3 people in my Squad/Cell.



 the Kubrow will only support the owner


Also, this isn't entirely true.  Can the goods a Sahasa Digs up be picked up by other players?  I am seriously asking because I do not know lol....


But still, How does a Raksa Howl fearing all enemies not help the entire group or... hurt them given you are forced to chase a mob down a path of doom.  lol.

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