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Elemental Mod Linking


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i Think Damage 2.0 has effectively destroyed the possibility of rainbow builds through:

1) Automatic Linking of elements

2) Enemy Damage Resistance


The problem is #1 also takes away a lot of the customization out of the elements. I cannot, for example, deal Viral+Toxin Damage.


Why not have the option to link elements in my weapon instead?


If I put Infected Clip (+Toxin), Malignant Force (+Toxin+Status) and Rime Rounds (+Ice+Status)  will only get Toxin and Ice damage.


I can go though an interface to link my elements for example Malignant force+Rime rounds and leave Infected Clip un-linked, giving me Viral and Toxin.


I can also choose which elements to link and which elements stay un-linked. Moreover I can also link elements to the base weapon element, electricity for Amprex.


It'll take a bit more work but it'll give people more versatility in terms of builds.


What do you think?


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i Think Damage 2.0 has effectively destroyed the possibility of rainbow builds

Correct. We used to use 4 different elements, now we use 3. And sometimes, when we get really cheeky, we use 5 elemental mods, but still only 3 unique elemental types.

Two combined elements are saved exclusively for the fancy guns that have an inherent elemental already built in: Tysis, Stug, Dark Sword, etc.

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Back last year when they announced the changes made for Damage 2.0 the day before release, they originally wanted to have a priority based system. The information can still be found here in Rebecca's original post:






"Elemental Damage Hierarchy & Combining Elementals

Elemental damage combinations are made by following a strict order.


Fire, Cold, Electric, Toxin.

As an example: If you want Fire damage + Magnetic damage (Cold + Electricity), you will need to split it between weapons because when a Fire Mod enters the mod loadout any other elementals will combine with it as it is first in the hierarchy."




That's what they originally had in mind.


But several people, including myself, didn't like the thought that the system takes too many choices away from the player so we commented on the thread as well as messaged the Devs like Steve&Scott and said that would be quite limiting our possibilities... so we got them to implement the automatic elemental-linking which is based on mod-placement the way it is now as a "last minute"-change.


I remember messaging Scott (since Steve's inbox is always full) about that and also proposing a way to link elemental-mods ourself so we could have stuff like Viral+Toxin at the same time, but well it didn't get implemented. Not even when I forecast the "mismatching polarities"-problem since they decided to come up with the "polarity-swapping"-bandaid which took quite a while to happen. End of the story.




Ever since I'm just living with the current system and think of it as a compromise between the "customizability" the players want to have and the "rainbow build control" the devs want to have.


I'd still like to have the possibility to decide myself which mods get linked with which ones, not only because I'd like to fully adapt to enemies and exploit their weaknesses, but also because it would render "polarity swapping" obsolete since it wouldn't matter anymore where your mods are placed since the linking is independent from that.


But I guess it's okay the way is now because people might actually be right when they say it would be "too easy" again, which in fact could only be countered if Steve fiddles around with the elemental resistances found on the enemies once again. And let's just say... People were greatly upset when that happened 2-3 times in a row back last year until they settled with the resistances we now have.




Does anyone remember the Blastrosive times? :D

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