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Grineer Rebalancing? "suggestion"


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-Elite Frontier Lancer

I get to see the true form of his Karak at defense missions, it just does 80 damage per shot and it keeps increasing per level, Max 120dps That it done to the defense ítem...

So far he is been able to take me out in 12 secs at lvl 18 with a Rhino with (1020SP , 680HP, 380ARM) "Yeah I understimate enemies" and the defense ítem is just compromised when nobody defends it and one starts atacking it,

This happens near level 15-25 very notable on defenses or alert defenses.

Other enemies just tickle me, and the normal elite is slightly underpowered...

-Heavy Gunner :

Underpowered, the gun is alright but her health is just low...


-Helion :

Tend to abuse missiles, not bothered by them but it gets annoying (Make them non heat-seeking?)


-Bombarder :
Make the missile faster...

Scorpion :
Those grapple hooks are annoying, can't there be a cooldown per player of some kind? (Untargetable by it,

Just staggers you, Nothing) How about a quote when she gets you :3?

-Flameblade (If thats its name)
Too weak really needs health buff

-Prosecutor :
What kind of hard fight Lotus? Make them more agile, slight HP increase, a buff aura?

Tyl Regor :
Well I guess he is gonna be updated soon...


Ok are these acceptable? :3

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