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How To Build A Dojo



I have looked for guidance on the matter of dojo building. Please let me know if you've found anything useful. My approach will be to produce the definitive guide, because I have not found one. If you have built a dojo you may be wondering if a guide is needed, the Warframe dojo system seems pretty straight forward - it is very much not the case. If you don't understand certain things about the system you will build a dojo just like almost every dojo I have seen - some sort of barren maze.

The basic idea


I. If at all possible build and decorate your entire dojo before you expand. As the cost goes up construction slows down, and the costs go up dramatically even at the level of Shadow clan.


II. Plan your dojo's layout before hand. There are some tools around, but all you really need is some graph paper and a look now and then at a map for reference. (Tvol produced some graphics, you can find them here https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5296507/Warframe%20Dojo%20Rooms.zip but I didn't find them necessary)

III. Understand your decorating to be a visual art and place things so they work as a composition in the frame of a monitor. Even though it is three dimensional, it is never at any given moment anything but something that appears on your screen.

IV. Understand that the Warframe dojo system is broken. Here is where I can be of greatest service to you, and since you've gotten this far you are in luck! I am about to pass on to you the secret of decorating a dojo. The bounding boxes of all the decorations in the system are too small to do anything attractive with. For example there is almost nowhere in the entire system that will happily accept any tree at its maximum size.

How to break the bounding box

This technique was passed to me (thank you Keiji from clan Blessed, pretty sure he got it from somewhere else, but I have never found any guide to this technique online) and it's quite difficult, but with some practice and the right mouse you can become fluent with it, as I have. I have no trouble placing decorations in this manner, and just about every decoration in my dojo is placed using this method.

You must exploit a broken menu and move your mouse faster than the system can track. I will try to explain this, but I can tell you that after it was first explained to me I spent many hours trying, failing and doubting the whole idea, and when I did start to get the idea it seemed too impractical to use extensively. It is not so. You are a gamer, use your mad skills and learn it and it will become easy.


What you will need most of all, and there is no getting around this, is a mouse with a third button. I use a Logitech UltraX Optical Mouse which I found in a drawer from who knows how long ago.

The decoration has to be legally placeable, so set it where it can go, usually I put it down at its minimum size, then HOLDING THE MIDDLE BUTTON DOWN, CLICK THE LEFT BUTTON, a menu will appear, HIT CANCEL, now the decoration will be locked into place, but when you MOVE YOUR MOUSE it will scale instead of relocate, what you want to do is - starting at a point where it is still legal to place SCALE IT EXTREMELY RAPIDLY WHILE CLICKING THE LEFT BUTTON. To this day I cannot tell you whether I'm clicking the mouse button before or after it scales - you just have to do it all very quickly, and it will almost always take a few tries.

A while back I used to be able to push decorations into a place it shouldn't go with a similar flick of the wrist, I'm not entirely certain whether the system has changed or I've lost the knack for it.

Another more obvious technique involves stacking, just place something - you don't even need to build it - and you can place other things on it.

I built nearly my entire dojo before the console was available anywhere, one thing I had to do a lot of was build scaffolding with flags to get above objects in order to place decorations high up, since you couldn't jump or climb while carrying a place routine.

So, there it is guys, if you're curious have a look at this quick tour of my dojo, and if you have a dojo you're proud of I'd love to see it.

Good luck and happy dojoing!


Rascal's Hollow




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XD completely made it up myself... by accident

Here are some designs I've made.

If you want a tour vid ask suska... I can't make vid (aka too lazy)

Couldn't do much designing because my clan size is MT so a lot of resources were needed. Also the "Moving Placement Trick" is patched. Only Scaling remains but its enough to make your clan dojo purty!



Two trees one pond!



One of my projects!



Bridge Hall 




Main Room









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If we could just be able to do this without the hassle, that'd be neat. In any regards, though, your dojo looks absolutely wonderful~ :3 I'll have to see if this is able to be done on an xbox controller, before I rummage around for the wireless mouse. ^_^

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