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Guess Who's Back~


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Back from a really long break (left well before player ships came, a bit after Hydroid was out) 
School, school, school blegh. 


I'm a PC Tenno, so feel free to add me!

I'm Mastery 9, and use Rhino Prime/Saryn the most out of the total of 8 I have. 
Just recently started on making Mirage, and my Kubrow, and got the Silva & Aeigis / Koren's made. 
(Moving quick to get all the new stuff I've missed .-. )

If anyone needs any help on runs, I'm willing to come as long as I'm free!
Whether it's vault runs, nightmare runs, prime farming. I'm up for it~

Other games I play- 
Vindictus, Archeage, Aura Kingdom

Some of you might recognize my IGN from those games (Vesage/Vesiga) if you've played in the same servers as I. 

(Already had a Vindictus friend whisper me when I was in the trade channel selling stuff ._. )

*ramble ramble ramble*
I really don't talk much, but when it comes to games I don't shut up.
Life Alert. 

Out of revives.

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Welcome back Tennooooooooo. (skum)


Do u love teh liset? and ordis? :D 

Im Mastery 8 and i always love friends. Gonna add u and hope teh playyyyy wid ya.

Enjoy your stay in the Liset. (Exit's to the right)

Ordis is hap-- ANGRY

Maintenance is needed. 

He doesn't like my Kubrow very much D:

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