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New Xbox1 Player, Love The Game But A Few Complaints - Advice Appreciated



First of all, I have ben playing for about 2 weeks now, and really like this game (haven't played anything else since)... I would post this on the Xbox 1 board, but there is no general discussion (general there is under bug reporting - the forum structure needs some definite fixes for console players, but that is a separate issue).


Okay, I have unlocked 2 new planets (Mars and Jupiter), after getting some help. I may have been able to solo, but like playing with teammates (usually).


My frustration comes from the options that I have now on those new planets. They are mostly survival and defense missions, which usually for newish players require playing in a squad. The problem is that the maps are so new and convoluted, that even when I try to stay with a group, I get lost more than I can tell where the new objective is. I can understand that on new alerts and content, but each planet should start with an exterminate mission so you can play solo, and not have to worry about trying to learn a new map (or farm - which I haven't been doing).


The objective markers bounce around so much it is hard to tell where I am supposed to go next. I thought I read that you can press the back button on XB1 to open the world map, but by the time you do that you get swarmed and lose your squad (at least for me)...



I like the mission variety, and the map variety, but it makes me feel like a noob every time I unlock a new planet, and am actually doing fairly well so far...


I have joined 3 different clans, and most of them have stunk, most randoms just want to rush and don't want to help each other (or use mics)...


I am a level 23 volt, with decent mods and weapons (MR2)... I don't want to give up on the game, but it seems like people get to end game and then forget to help out others when they are playing lower level missions...


if you read and care, please bump, because this will be buried by tomorrow afternoon (XBOX1 needs its own decent board)...







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 All I can recommend about learning the new Tilesets (maps) is that practice makes perfect. It's okay to get lost a bit at first. There is nothing wrong with finding it a bit jarring while you learn your way around.


 As for Clans, I can't really help there. Being a PC guy myself I know plenty about the situation with the big name groups on my end. Don't know much about the XB1 situation though. All I can tell you is to remain open. You'll find a Clan good for you eventually.

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Well, a small hint I can give is that Defence missions don't start until you walk into the glowing ring, so you can move around and see where'd let to set up shop before starting the onslaught, as for the other maps there's nothing wrong with taking your time to kill the enemies and exploring the map, some of the vistas you can see are sublime.


The Objective markers take the shortest route to guide you but they can be confusing but as soon as you learn the tiles you can know your way around fairly easily.


Clans is not something that can be helped, my best advice would be to get a friend to try Warframe and if they like it then start a clan together and slowly build it up.


As for the end level people, to them they just want to get the mission done while gaining what they want, like yesterday a couple of friends and myself ran some T1 caps, I went Volt and had said that we were planning on blitzing it, but someone still complained mostly because they can't keep up, again like the clan predicament it's best to talk with a friend and decide what you're going to do.


Just tough it out, one day you'll get to the late game status and then you can be the good vet and show new players the ropes.

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Just keep at it, and use the different map overlay types-I don't know what the XB1 button is, but you can toggle map from being minimap to Diablo-style overlay.


Learn how to wallrun and boost your movement, a hint is slide attacks will often throw you forwards strongly.

Hope that helps!

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thanks for the replies and advice everybody- I have had mostly good experiences with this game, and don't mind grinding at all, but just wish there was a way to learn the maps (tilesets) without having to coop so often (on missions that are listed as 9-10 - when I can solo 12-14 exterminate easily)...

I just get rushed through it, even when I am doing well...


I had a game tonight on Jupiter and I ended up with about 50% damage and the most kills (which I don't really normally care about)... two players rushed ahead at the beginning, got killed and quit. The other player and I finished the objectives (capture I believe). He got to extraction, and I was completely lost because I hadn't played the map (tile set) before. I felt like a jerk running around trying to figure out where to go, and even typed and said on the mic, "come help me out" (with no response)... anyway I eventually made it out after about fifteen minutes, fighting off waves when needed, but it made me feel like an idiot (and I was glad the other guy had so much patience, even if though he should have come and helped me find my way out).


I am no game designer, but it would be nice to have a daily auto-extract ability if objectives are complete and you have at least 1 revive left (even if it uses up your revive) 


everybody has probably had some bad online experiences with this game, but that just really bothered me, thanks for letting me vent my frustration...


I still love the game, and will keep playing, but I was only a week late starting this game on XBOX1 and play a few hours everyday,  but yet I seem to be way behind... and while I like the new event, it makes me feel like I have to rush through just to be able to keep up...


I'll keep grinding, but still think Consoles should have their own general comments section or at least an all platform beginner board...


thanks again... 

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That's normal, I had the same experience when I started so don't feel bad.


As for learning the maps, play private/solo until you feel comfortable, sure you might be alone but then no one is around to nag you.


As for auto-extract it already exists if 50% of the squad want to extract then either side has a minute to decide whether to keep going or extract, most people probably just don't know about it.


The new event isn't for Rushing on the X1, if it's Cryotic Front, it's basically a slightly altered defence mission, the only rush is getting to the extractor and people put a lot of hours into a game because they have nothing better to do, so they have a lot of high levelled gear, again, don't worry, you'll get to that point if you keep playing the game.

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DHB - I have only once see a countdown timer at the extraction point, but had not control over it (I was already there, but didn't have a chance to vote). Does that cause other players to lose XP, mods etc., if you do that? I am trying to play cooperatively and not screw anybody over on accident (or if they get stuck by a bug). How do you initiate that option? I have seen it once in about 50 online games (maybe a system bug)


What I really meant was a self extract option that you could burn if you get stuck and/or if everybody else is waiting for you (I appreciate patience from people, but don't expect it very often). I takes me quite a while to find a decent squad, but then I get dropped for holding everybody else up.


I played the first new Cryotic mission with randoms and did okay (got the badge). I meant that I felt rushed to overall end game content, because I am still so new, and the events are limited in time (probably won't be able to get end level event stuff). I am okay with that as it keeps vets playing, but its not like I am months behind in playing this game. Maybe it ends quicker than I expect, but that's part of why I hated Destiny so much... want play this game a lot more...


anyway.. back to solo for a few days... appreciate the response  

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