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Custom Reticles?


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I believe this was actually mentioned on one of the UI devstreams as its been suggested in the past. I can't remember the specific stream or response though, would assume it was a pure UI stream so you might find an explanation in one of the devstream summaries here on the forums.


The main issue I see with it is making them work for the various different types of weapons as I believe they have plans already to make more unique reticles for different types of weapons.




Found it



Pablo: It may not be custom necessarily, but we were looking at some weapons using specific crosshairs. It's already implemented on the Penta, because it made more sense to have a grenade launcher sort of thing. Anything we tried just felt a bit too heavy, but it's something that we could re-explore in the future.


Dorian: We're planning to re-improve the HUD, so we could take another look at it then. Right now, there's a lot of other things in the making, including bugs.

Reference: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/280795-thank-you-for-watching-devstream-34/

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If custom ones' were to make it into the game then they sure as hell should not be a premium feature.

Something as basic as crosshairs should always be free and come without additional charges. Imagine competetive shooters charging extra for better crosshairs (yes, some are better than others)...that would be outrageous and I would not touch that kind of game.

Almost like asking money for more skillpoints in an RPG...you just don't do that.

Edit: Personally I want one for all the weapons with a arcing projectile. A Modern rangefinding one would be just FANTASTIC. Since range is actually shown in the game this could help a lot in the hectic battles when you're shooting your bow or throwing your kunais.


I feel ike the German,  Modern Rangefinding and Mil-dot (of course with some WF style added to it) would be really grand for a few weapons.

Of course not with the silly full circle around them...just in WF style.

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