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I'm Not Satisfied With Greater Hall Capacity


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On this side I was able to build nice little scene but I can't cover whole floor with green because I run out of capacity for the other side (This is Greater Hall): http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/543005612481057701/BC93FE64C43E5623DEF838686273A5DF2DC8FCC1/



Big gardens are quite tough rooms to decorate as well because capacity is only 15, not 25 or 30. Also, why these big gardens have invisible walls everywhere? It's hard to place decorations on the ground. Here are 2 examples:






You can't place trees on water. It's like the rock path and wooden bridge is blocking trees no matter how much you increase their size. Only small objects can be placed on water but only in very specific areas.


"Put something under the trees" shouldn't be the answer. You should be able to place decorations anywhere without putting something under them first.

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I can't place the trees anywhere unless I shrink them so much that they look like bushes...


Gardens and the halls could use an increase to their decoration capacity.


Grand halls have like 200 capacity? That's enough imo but this one greater hall and big gardens have strangely low capacity.


One more thing about those 2 first picture in my original post. I couldn't place those decorations on the bare floor either until I had placed something under them. Why on Earth is that? I can't place trees or any big decorations on the clear floor :/

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