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Hikou Prime Does Not Fit Onto Frames.


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Do they all fit perfectly? I ditched Kunai and Hikou because I play fashionframe and they didn't align right. Unless they were changed, Hikou had a protruding long edge to its holster which was not at all flush with my Nova's leg. When I tried it on other Warframes there was a similar result. Kunai had a somewhat-placeholdery ovoid shape so if they could not connect to the Warframe's leg they would not just be floating there, but that contingency did not look much better...


Fortunately Despair looks fine on my banshee, albeit that it tints colors darker for its primary color, but that's a different story.


Anyway, my point is that unless I missed a positioning update, they probably don't all fit perfectly. So this Hikou Prime holster is still a visual problem, but the others are far from perfect so, again if this is truly the case and there was not an update, you should probably not devalue the importance of other throwing weapons' holsters being made flush with the leg of all Warframes and thus more aesthetically pleasing.

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