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Socius Laminis Is Recruiting


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Greetings, new and old Tenno alike.


 The clan Socius Laminis is recruiting any and all members we can get our hands on. We are a very small clan right now, so it's perfect if you want to have a clan that pays attention to the lower ranks, if you want to start out small, and achieve high authority when the clan grows. Supahdupahninja and I are happy to help newer player learn the ropes of the game, and recruits can experience the growth of a new clan. The only rules are to show respect to others and be willing to contribute to our growth. We will be growing into a shadow clan soon, so do expect this post to move to a new board(?). If you are interested in this clan, please talk to either supahdupahninja or myself. We are also part of a 2-clan alliance called "The Liberators".


I hope to see you soon,

 Mirrorss of Socius Laminis.


EDIT: I should mention, this is a PC clan.

EDIT: Moved to find a Shadow Clan. We have grown.

Edited by Mirrorss
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