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Looking for a wide selection of parts and mods for reasonable prices? Take a look at what we've got to offer! Feel free to ask questions ingame, in this thread, or through private message. We also welcome price negotiations!





2 Akbronco Prime Link (15p ea)

4 Akbronco BP (3p ea)

3 Bo Bp (10p ea)

3 Bo Ornament (3p ea)

7 Boar BP (3p ea)

9 Boar Receiver (3p ea)

5 Boar Stock (3p ea)

10 Braton BP (3p ea)

6 Bronco BP (5p ea)

3 Bronco Barrel (5p ea)

1 Bronco Receiver (5p)

1 Burston BP (5p)

4 Buston Stock (5p)

2 Dakra BP (5p ea)

4 Dakra Blade (5p ea)

5 Dakra Handle (5p ea)

7 Fang Blade (5p ea)

2 Glaive Disc (3p ea)

2 Latron BP (2p ea)

2 Latron Barrel (2p ea)

6 Latron Receiver (2p ea)

2 Lex Barrel (5p ea)

3 Orthos BP (5p ea)

1 Orthos Blade (5p)

4 Orthos Handle (5p ea)

3 Paris BP (3p ea)

7 Paris Lower Limb (3p ea)

2 Paris String (3p ea)

6 Reaper BP (5p ea)

4 Reaper Blade (5p ea)

6 Reaper Handle (5p ea)

7 Sicarus BP (3p)

7 Sicarus Barrel (3p ea)

2 Sicarus Receiver (3p ea)



2 Ember Chassis (3p ea)

8 Ember Helm (3p ea)

2 Frost BP (3p ea)

6 Frost Chassis (3p ea)

9 Frost Helm (3p ea)

1 Loki BP (10p)

2 Mag BP (3p ea)

9 Mag Chassis (3p ea)

1 Rhino Helmet (5p)

4 Rhino System (2p ea)



*Non-stance mods are unranked to allow for versatility. All mods can be ranked up to Rare5 for +5p

1 Barrel Diffusion-unranked (7p)

1 Coiling Viper-ranked (5p ea)

1 Continuity-unranked (7p)

1 Crossing Snakes-ranked (10p)

1 Fired Up-unranked (5p)

1 Flow-unranked (5p)

1 Gleaming Talon-ranked (25p)

1 Hammershot-unranked (15p)

4 Iron Pheonix-ranked (5p ea)

1 Lethal Torrent-unranked (5p)

1 Pistol Pestilence-unranked (5p)

1 Seismic Palm-ranked (10p)

1 Split Chamber-unranked (7p ea)

1 Vigor-unranked (5p)

1 Virulent Scourge-unranked (5p)

1 Whirlwind-unranked (20p)

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