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[Song] Flying With Archwings


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I thought this one would be easy, but as it turned out the timing was all over the place.

Hopefully I've not done too bad a job.


Ah well. Enjoy!




Everybody's looking for great content

One patch that makes them want to weep

And when you look at your friends' faces

You see them smile at what they seek


Some find it in the hard-fought battles

Some find it in the grind itself

Who can deny the joy it brings

When your Foundry builds that thing

You're flying with Archwings


Some find it with their favourite weapon

Some in a clan so full o' friends

You'll find it in the livestreams constant

Redtext there with jokes about rear ends


You'll find it in your faithful kubrow

In Ordis freaking out at Vor

And when Update 15 goes live

This game is gonna thrive

You're flying with Archwings


So, impossible as it may seem

Devs want to make the ZoE fans scream

I hope it rules, that game was so cool

And the concept was neat


Well, for me it's mowing down countless foes

I love this fantasy of power

To know that I can blow off my steam

No matter what the day or hour


It's when I hear the devs' excitement

And see the love for their own work

And it's like flying with Archwings

I play, I like and sing

I'm flying with Archwings


We've all got what we love the most

Tenno 'cross land and coast


I'm flying with Archwings

I hope you keep playing

I'm flying with Archwings

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