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Minor Map Holes And Misplacements


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Misplaced containers:


This is in the General Sargas Ruk boss room, second floor. ruk is marked on the map, newly spawned.



Same room, just further away from ruk's spawn point.



Not much to say here, you see when you enter through the door. (it would be located next to the open door on the second picture, but that photo was taken in another session)



Looks like it should be rotated.


Map holes:


This spot has two small map holes on the left and right side on the picture (hard to see). this tube is the drop down tube for the tenno in the grineer gallion tileset in the spawn room, the tube we drop through before we get to play.





This hole is on both sides of the "console pad". 



Map hole behind void extraction pad. only behind the second from the right.


Misc wierdness:


All of the lotus like "walls" are solid, even when the space can fit a frame through


This room has a lot of invisible walls that stop wormhole, but dont think they stop anything else.



If you get a grineer door sensor spawning on this particular door (2nd picture), it is hard to hit, especially for non-hitscan weapons




You can walk up that vertical "walkway" in the earth defense tile


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I fell into a hole on Phobos during one of my 26 runs trying to get G3 to spawn(Which they didn't!) Only got screens from after falling in it though:





Got myself out of it by jumping off the map completely(I could basically walk on a huge space below the normal map with 1 open spot where I could jump down into the black abyss) and subsequently dying and reviving.

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