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September 26Th: Community Hot Topics!

September 26th Community Hot Topics  

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The Slingstone event was probably my favorite one.


It highly encouraged teamwork (which is a big plus in my opinion, sorry solobros ;w;), and also didn't prey too heavily upon RNG (the corruptors were frankly easy to get, compared to other event-related items).


Informant event was pretty amazing as well, almost little to no RNG, and a whole lot of skill involved.


I feel that most other events have been lacking mainly in the form of consistency (LESS RNG!) and skill (MOAR SKEEEEEEL).

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I have decide to give on all topic my though and suggestion here.

I hope I can take it short, hehe :P



For me that involve more the prime access then actually the platinum buy-able once. Rather then say it should be include in the void or be on the market if it's has a age of it (6-12 month maybe?). I actually would like to see that it would be buy-able on the store (As I play on Playstation) without platinum or those booster (or less as much) but still would cost like 25-30% of the price.

So everyone who miss it would have chance to get it too.

As for me I have obtain almost everything so I'm more open minded and would contribute to more option therefor more fun and customization. :D


Login Reward:

I think it should be add two stars more and a clever detection on your load-out.

I start with the two stars first, as one star is actually a addition for login daily for 30 days and the last one would only be active as a small booster wit 4 stars and would be active if you last sitting was at least 1h play.

And now to the reward, addition to the 4 stars would be beside increase in Credit and XP also a booster for this day till next login reward.

That would spice it up but also motivate to leveling you gear a lot more.

As for the fifth star, that would not be really a star rather the a hybrid star and would be add if last sitting least 1h long, it would unlock the reward for the next star and if it's max on 4 stars it would add each login a option to re-load it.

Now to the reward itself, it should keep track on the max gear we have and not give us XP on stuff we don't need too. As for all max gear on it should only be Credit only and should have a higher increase otherwise it would instantly be exploited by many people.


Mastery Ranks Test:

Even If the majority vote for each test be rewarded I would say it should be more that certain once like the mastery after 15 as they are simpel the same.

I don't know how we could improve much here but maybe we should have more reason to have more certain weapon be locked like primes as so many people would go for higher then end on 8 because they have all unlock maybe rise it to 10?

As the reward, maybe another login reward or exclusive reward randomizer for Forma, Catalyst, Reactor or booster (1-day) .

I can give here much input though but I still wonder how it can be balance for those who have max the rank for the current state on warframe like me?



I'm her ein the minor that I choice desecrate over all the others but i still gonna give a input on all quick.

Soul Punch: I never though that we also I do believe is good enough after all the first ability not need to be outmatch the other though, maybe add utility in some kinda blast around the target for knockdown.

Terrify: I think is very useful and fair enough.

Shadow of the Dead: maybe increase the damage/reduction  base on power strength and the amount base on power range, other then that I think is very powerful if utilize right.

Now to that what I want, Desecrate. As the community has no problem not to understand my concern about the blessing scaling from R2 and R3 (different topic), I will go along and turn it around say why don't be able to increase/desecration chance base on power strenght but unlike on trinity this is a minor concern as it rather use for passive and doesn't really increase neither defensive or offensive ability, also it would have a good help for grinding more the really hurt it. (or not :P)



I always fascinate of the world of warframe but the event I miss and the codex entry of certain one are way to small and hardly give you small detail like the massage. It need really improve in the codex and should add more!

To the event itself I think is great and give you enough to do.

I always looking forward to the reward new mod or some challenge or the thrill of going on the leaderboard, while the last on I should It should be like the cryotic event which involve more skill then actually grind-fest.

And to spice things up and also to it also make every clan viable it should be always the average of the top players, as for ghost would be the top 4, shadow top 12, storm top 36, mountain top 108 and moon top 324 and for each missing person of the people (those who didn't do it and didn't fulfill the minimal requirement amount of top player that I mention it) I would would go with that the clan would get a penetration of 25% reduction for ghost, 9% for storm, 3% for mountain 1% and for moon 0.5%. for each person that it missing.

Now back to more what I like new mods and tile set are always welcome and would make it it more interesting :)

New enemy and killing while is minor concern while the new enemy I would hope it would be introduce before so it can be fix for bugs before add it into the event and have it somehow broken.


Now to what I dislike.

Repeating over and and over same things which breeding ground was it was a grind fest and I mention above how to improve in the leaderboard part while for the challenge I welcome it as always.

Killing the same thing? Actually if I say yes it would implied to the whole game in some degree however I never found it a issue while the latest on playstation cryotic event spice it up with different tile-set (which I don't have a problem since it always generate and hope it could be expend in room and design though :P) and a alternative enemy. If its the same tile-set like breeding ground I would rather see having multiple objective which change it or force your conclave down to make it  harder and therefor more fun (my opinion though hehe), however how they change it is a topic to be discussion to make.


Favorite event? Croytic event because I could see my clan actually go on leaderboard as it no grinding rather improve each time, I mention above they why it could improve already xD.


Drop Table:

Well If Nekros desecrate got involve power strenght (mention above, jeez keep repeating myself hehe) then it would be more about prime then actually.

How I could improve, while if you could hire the operative to grind with platinum like a booster that would specifically go for certain stuff like prime (maybe make different from weapon and frame?), core, key, resource (which probably no one would want though :P) and mods.

Sound weird but I actually catch me saying "Lotus fire that damn operative I want _______(enter objective of desire)!"  

It would completely improve the farming.


I hope I could help.

If you agree +1 that for me would you hehe.


Have a nice Day!!!


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What are your favorite types of cosmetic items?


All of the cosmetics that offer changes to give a fresh feel to your gear is ok (skin, colors, doge color/fur patterns). The armor, syandanas and weapon attachments how ever feel quite out of place. They lack the details required in order to give that extra to "that specific frame". The "fit all frames" requirements ruins them. Nekros syandana is also the only one I've actually bought...and I never use the one given to us via the event.

Personally I also think that you made the worst possible choice regarding the alt helmets with stats. Now all of the new helmets are useless, why would you ever downgrade your frame willingly?


What suggestions do you think would improve the Login Reward system? (can choose more than one)

Add login gear:


X amount of time melee/secondary/primary/frame and universal affinity boosters. These should be quite short maybe 3 tiers, 15m, 30m, 45m?

Add bonus damage, health, speed or other "boost" gear that works over a short duration (personal or aura) - rare rewards.

Add something that benefits your clan.

Perhaps we could use some of our login rewards as gifts for other players.

Perhaps some quests could be given via login rewards?


Should there be rewards for completing mastery ranks?

Yes; rewards/achievments - progression. We need something to strive for, something that makes a difference. Be it Focus-system or other.


Should Mastery Rank influence more things in game?

Yes and no.

Sometimes I feel that the taxi-ing to various locations is a pain and that maps should be locked to "low players". But that is also rather sad. Letting people choose their own way to go about is important and perhaps you really can play your way to pluto using only your starter gear at mr0/1. That is fine. Taxi-ing unlocking frames shouldn't be a thing though (gone iirc).


If there is no need for mastry rank 8+, why should it matter? If there is a need however, than make it matter. Let us evolve. BRING US LORE!

Let the seasoned Tenno go fight the Sentients in a galaxy far far away or what ever XD. Something. Open up quests that are hard. Let us play for the gameplay and not the reward.

(An example of this was the tutorials, the quests, the mission with Darvo and partially some other events).


Which Nekros abilities need a revision? (can choose more than one)

As always:  Damage split up in one part static damage and another being percentual is needed to make skills more attractive.

  1. Soul Punch - while good at knocking down enemies, it's quite underwhelming.
  2. Terrify - No enemy cap, timer, recastability or complete rework.
  3. Desecrate - aura that boosts enemy droprate - let Nekros play the game! Free him from his 3-button mashing.
  4. Shadows of the Dead - Takes huuuuges amounts of time to cast, the AI won't follow you and can't be ordered to do anything. Neither can you see what kind of units you have ready for "reviving" or how many. I'd rater see him summon a trustworthy "golem" with a more protective/responsive AI.


What do you like most in an event?

I would love to say lore, but I can't. Because the lore is so momentus that it's like an icecream melting in the blazing sun. There are so few reasons in Warframe and you just "do". The rewards are nice, but that should never be the focus, that is when the "game is over". So I guess it's the new mechanics that is the most appealing factor. More to do. New enemies kind of falls into this, ar at least it should - as they hopefully are more than just generic cannon fodder. The same goes for Tilesets - they should offer something new.


* You have got to put more effort in to interactables though, and how you feel playing these various sets. Weather, lighting, traps, dangers, enemies, systems, missions, difficulity in more ways then more life/hp.

"Faction-Themes" (not musical) but in how they work.


What do you like least in an event?

Yes, yes, repetition is bad... you know what's worse? The lack of impact that the event had when it's gone.
Gradvius dilemma was AWESOME in that regard, it had Corpus crawling on their knees throwing out a alot of potatoes and even more or less caused the introduction of a second and thrid mini boss (Zanuka Hunte and G3). This was because players played the invasions. Later this changed - Yes, it was to get the most powerfull weapon in game; the Brakk - and Corpus returned. But that event started something that other events have never done.
Events are over so fast, and then there is a small note (sometimes) in the codex. That's it? For all your hard work. The way we always win is another thing that makes you feel a bit "meh" about events. It's not the win in itself, but that nothing changes. With Vay Hek throwing out some ultra space ships or the Corpus pooring out vast masses of new superior units - the balance in the solar system is the same. There is no aftermath, no losses or struggles.
Occupy a whole bloody planet and mass murder the other faction with utter brutality - this is war. Let us fight to reclaim it - rescue masses of opposition or fund guerilla troops.
Events need consequences as much as invasions - add more bosses and keep them in circulation (you can check my profile for the link).

What is your favourite event?

There have been alot of good things in many events and some events have been fun while they were there. As mentioned above Gradvious dilemma was better on a more fundamental level, while the ones with Darvo were nice with the effort put in with how you felt while playing the mission.

The cryotic event had a nice mechanic with it being "direct", and it was also challenging when staying in for a while.


I also hope that you will use those energy cannisters for more interactable things.

You should also reconsider giving other clans then the 3 winners something to show that they participated in the event.

Ideally a banner with the event logo on, and possibly the rank. Clans need to have history - something to tie us together and unite around - give the dojo at least a small reason to exist other than trade and guns.


In your opinion, are you more concerned about Mod Drop Tables or Prime Gear Parts?

It's like choosing between plague or cholera XD. Ok it might be a little better but whereever RNGebus is at, bad things follow.
If you're new, perhaps it is different? I do not know. But grinding for something for hours and hours only focusing on that reward gets tiresome.
I know that it's hypocritical to just complain and offer no sollution, even partial. But a shift in focus from reward to gameplay is needed.
How well you play matters little to none in many game modes and rewards (primes or mods) are part of that.


We currently have a huge number of maps and gamemodes, but there are very few ways in how to play them :/.






On a side note I would like to point to the last event. If there would have been some way in which to kill the 2 Grineer bosses without having to rely on our weapons/frames, or rather - other players with less points' weapons and frames - like interactable things, timing and tactics. That would have been fantastic.

You started a good thing there! Keep evolving that!

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Your last question was terribly worded. If you did not read the explanation it makes little sense. That needed to be explained more clearly like:

Which would you like to be reviewed first? Mod table or Prime drop table


By asking it just on the release of prime stuff you are priming the results in one direction anyway; most people will be farming Nyx prime and weapons right now so of course that is their "highest concern" right now. If you just released a few rare stance mods on Wednesday and made them drop of scanveger drones very very rarely then that would alter that poll. However your question was wordy quite poorly. I would image there will be a larger group of people who vote solely on the questions without reading the expanded information. So based on the question:


"In your opinion, are you more concerned about Mod Drop Tables or Prime Gear Parts?"


Does that mean:

Which do I want more information in game about?

Which do I feel needs an update most?

Which do I spend more time considering and planning for?

Which do I find is the more easily accessible as an information source?

Which do I worry is most broken?

Which do I worry I wont be able to get?

It was an odd question, especially when both need some improvements.


Also this is a silly question when you point out that we are supposedly still getting the tokent/trade system for spare primes as suggested in an old dev stream.


As for mastery

The mastery system needs more weapons spread into it. Its annoying that some weapons get left at mastery 2 and yet others get sensibly blocked behind mastery. E.g. Boltor prime left with no mastery restriction? Its very powerful and should a reward for achieving a certain level. It took months for this to happen to the Soma why is this not occuring with this?


Mostly though I think cosmetics would be good. A set of "mastery" cosmetics that upgrade with your mastery. Maybe every 5/10 levels or you get a piece of it every 6 levels or something.


We never seem to have gotten that update to let us wear any badge on either shoulder. But maybe an alternative to the clan badge on the right would be nice. An upgrading mastery badge would be nice.

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The collective mastery ranks of all players in a squad should affect the entire mission where as only some parts are accessible by parkour, more spawns of enemies, and AI that almost always uses cover, since Mastery rank is mostly your acquired skill throughout the game.

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(related to :)

Should Mastery Rank influence more things in game?


The little progression we had got before was exchanged during Update 7 to the amazing mod system we've got today.
The problem was that it also made leveling your equipment (weapons) useless unless you had the mods for it.


Another problem was also how some weapons are making that "power creep" thing now everyone is saying, which could have been balanced with the right mastery rank requirements. 


So all in all, Mastery rank being more meaningful matters a lot. Instead of introducing a focus system, make mastery more important and a progression role on our overall power. (like getting slots or more defenses each mastery rank)

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I think Mastery Rank awards should not be weapon-based, I think they should be cosmetic-based. Namely nee Liset skins, doesn't impact gameplay but blatantly displays your mastery of the game, and it'll be shown off every time you're loading a mission. But with that there would need to be a way to identify whose ship is whose. But beyond outside customization options there could be inside options as well, and maybe even trophies or something of the sort. Just an idea I think would be neat.

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First, about Nekros:


His Soul Punch should be changed. Its underwhelming and useless. How about when you target an enemy with it their soul is turned into a projectile that does the amount of damage the targeted enemy had health (30, 50, 70, 90% of the targeted enemies health). It should do damage only to the target(s) behind it, not to the targeted enemy.


Terrify should NOT have a max enemy cap. Or Terrify can be changed to something like "Cold Hands" (Nekros scares enemies and their hands start shaking, dropping their accuracy by 10, 25, 40, 55% per level). P.S. If you plan on releasing another set of abilities for all frames, this should be one of them.


Desecrate should be focused on health, energy and ammo. It was a mistake to make him a MUST have in survival. Like you wanted to change Frost to not be limited on Defense missions, the same needs to be done to Nekros and Survival. Fix the spawn rates and oxygen drop rate in survival, and remove his ability to desecrate oxygen.


Shadows of the dead should be cast faster, and make the shadows walk around Nekros like his bodyguards. After all, he brought them to life again, the least they can do is stand around him to protect him (in a way Mirage's clones stand around her) from incoming shots.


Mastery ranks:


For now, they have little to no purpose. Some weapons and planets should be locked behind mastery. This should be explained in the UI clearly, what is locked behind what mastery level. Tenno are ninjas and ninjas should know and utilize hierarchy. Rewards for gaining mastery should be introduced (maybe scarfs, colour palettes, weapon skins, weapons and frame slots, maybe even some weapons). Gaining a mastery rank is not that easy as it sounds and a player should be rewarded for it, it makes us feel like we accomplished something.

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I'm a bit sad that Operation Slingstone is not included in the list, but just falls under "others". It was the first big event DE has created with special objectives, having to craft usable items first and according to Steve was also the first event that players could potentialy lose.


While Gradivus was so far the most "epic" in scale, it was also quite polarizing. The choices felt dumb and i stay to that opinion. Why decide for one side? Why not play both against another and snatch away those Tenno cryo pods while they are distracted. Would have made a lot more sense.


Have to agree that Cryotic Front was so far the most fun event.



Mastery rewards:

I always liked the idea of mastery rank giving access to weapon upgrade blueprints which could turn lower tier Tenno/Neutral weapons into mid to high tier versions falling somewhere between the regular and prime version.

Not for every level. More like milestones.

Said versions looking identical to the regular version but having fixed silver elements resembling prime weapons, but less blinged because they are made by the more humble Tenno. Also skins are easier to make, so it would be more economical for DE.


Come to think of it. A bit like the Omage type weapons in Ratchet and Clank.


Let's call them master crafted, because the idea is that these are hand crafted improved versions.


For example. For mastery 4 you gain the Master Crafted Braton blueprint. With this blueprint you can take a level 30 Braton and use 8 orokin cells to turn it into said master version. This Braton would then have a black (changable) case and silver decoration painting, in combination with higher stats.


These weapons could then serve as a bit of a status symbol related to mastery, while being practical and giving low tier weapons a comeback.


A fun twist could be that the higher the mastery is, the stronger the improvements on the weapon but also the lower the base version.


For example as mentioned above mastery 4 gives the Master Braton. Because the Braton is a solid rifle that can carry you through mid rank. Meanwhile mastery 12 could give you the blueprint for the Master Lato, because the Lato is pretty weak. The Lato resulting from this enhancement however could then rival the Magnus in terms of damage and crit rate.


Turning a joke into a status symbol that can carry you through later stages. But the way to those would be long.


I admit this idea has many flaws, but it's worth thinking about.


I like your idea of mater crafted weapons. I'd love to see that in-game. 

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Mastery as a system :


I personally think that mastery could use a complete rework. Instead of only gaining ranks by leveling up weapons, you would gain mastery from every successful activity you do. That includes leveling gear, successfully completing missions, events, filling out the codex and collecting and upgrading mods and even your play time. All of it would net you mastery points. This approach would be far more straight forward and it would also mean that you're not forced to level up every weapon in the game just to progress, in turn also streamlining the process. 


Mastery rewards :


I think it would be rather easy to make leveling up something to look forward to. First of all, rank badges could be introduced. This would be something very simple to make and it would signify your progression. Also, I think that players could receive booster packs every 2-3 ranks. Let's say something like 48h boosters, essential mod packs and so on. Perhaps even something like a fancy syandana in very high mastery ranks. Something like reaching Grand Master R30 would probably deserve something extra special.


Mastery restrictions :


Again, I think this is something that could use some improvements. Mastery restrictions could be used as a way to keep the newbies out of the high level planets, derelicts and the Void until they are ready for it. The number of daily trades does seem arbitrary though, so I would like that to be removed. Finally, I wish the weapons would be better tiered because currently it's a bit of a mess.

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Mastery rank:

Right now, beyond loadout amounts, certain mastery ranks beyond a certain point do not really give us anything extra, ideally, higher level mastery ranks would result in stronger bosses, and more powerful enemies, seeing as we can handle them without much difficulty.



My favorite event was sling-stone.

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I'll be honest a Nekros complete revamp would be awesome along with maybe a relook at Coptering and making it viable with all weapons as well as maybe having it use Sprint speed and not attack speed.   along with maybe having a few cosmetic items be purchasable with credits or as mastery test rewards.

if it scaled with sprint speed then it would be useless on frames like frost

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Why Survival event is not included? That was the best event: totally skill-based instead of grind-based, great difficulty, great mechanics (no wonder survival is one of the most popular mission types). I wish for more events like this one.

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Mastery test,
they should be rewarding, and effect gameplay(focus points maybe )

As you can see now, the only difference between MR 8 and MR 17 player is they get to deploy one more extractor and load out slots, for going all the trouble of making, maxing, grinding to get all weps /frames ingame, we get nothing , this should change, veteran players should have extra perks for going all the trouble and thousand hours of gameplay

Daily rewards,
Daily rewards are utter bs now, they should not duplicate and they should scale with MR, I mean who the hell at  MR 16,17 need banshee, glaive, etc crap blueprints , the 10k credits and exp rewards, they should be revamped and should scale with MR

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Have spent so many hours grinding for mods like Stalking Fan and some insanely rare prime stuff.
The mods need to drop form like 1 rare and 1 common enemy. also some enemies like the Eximus should have a chance to drop ANY mod!

The Prime stuff is annoyingly hard to get from keys that are already rare T4 Ext comes to mind for the Bo prime and it just feels unfair, at the same time i understand that you need to motivate ppl to buy the prime access pack so i don't know the best solution to this problem, but 7 hours of T4 Ext without a Bo handle does not make me happy

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Nice choice of topics! I've waited for a looong time for this rework D.E... (Still waiting for Stealth 2.0 though)


About Nekros, the changes I'd like to be applied (and the most interesting from other tenno's suggestions imo) are :


1) His Hadouken could be way more interesting thant it is now. Example? Those who die from it should either be added to the SoTD pool, or revive as buffed shadows (the corpse still stay on the map while active) for a certain duration. A faster cast animation perhaps. (like Frost & Ember projectiles : doable in air quickly,etc...)


2) Aaah Terrify... Why limit it to a number of enemies? It should work with a range : like Banshee's Silence for instance, with a zone of effect moving with him for a certain time. Furthermore, apart from making enemies run away randomly, more effects could be done (enemies staying  still,petrified by fear, falling on their knees, and other fun to see stuns...)

   (toggleable ability maybe?)


3) Higher percentage of succeeding, or it can stay like it is. This is the one that doesn't need to change! (Of course it shouldn't change, Nekros is used mostly for that... :( )


4) His ultimate needs to give us a feeling of being Grim Reaper. It's not really the case right now. The AI needs a lot of attention, the don't last really long, and enemies should pay more attention to the shadows than the actual caster (just like enemies attacking Mirage's illusions first).


As a bonus, an undead animation for revived enemies could be welcome (running like zombies) or the appearance they got once killed (holes in the stomach, no head, but of course none cut in half or with one leg)



Oh! And I got a last awesome idea that our Angel of death really needs : please D.E., let us give simple orders to the shadows (via waypoints : go here, defend this place of the map, follow me and get out of cover,...) . More than greatly improving his usefulness, that addition might even bring Nekros to the top-tier of strategic Warframes, highly interesting to players that use their head!


All hail Nekros 2.0...




Edit: favourite events = Specters of Liberty & Cryotic front (because of new gamemodes & Stealth. I also like killing new stuff in new locations.)

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Just a short input regarding those people who name Operation Sling-Stone as their favourite event: To me, it was the worst so far. And that is for one reason - I was able to play a bit when the event started and stocked up on Curroptors. Then I had to leave for the weekend (already had other plans), and when I came back Sunday afternoon, the event was already over, because all ships had been destroyed by Saturday night (or something like that).

Yes, they made the ammo mutation mods available for everyone later, but at that time, it made me angry and sad to have missed the main part of the event. (I'm still a little sad that I haven't seen a Formorian except the one above the ice planet yet.) Even more, when I read that it was designed for the community to fail it ...

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I started playing this game shortly after Tethra's Doom, so I haven't played that many events.


From the ones I did play though, I can safely say Breeding Grounds was my favourite from a lore perspective. I see Infestation as "zombie mode" in Warframe (since, technically most Infested are mutated Crewmen and Lancers), so having an event where you have to "stop" a mad scientist from experimenting with a virus was so much fun for me. I also loved the new tileset, it's how I imagined an Infestation map to look like. However, I didn't vote for it because, even though the gameplay was entertaining and challenging (scaling difficulty the more you play), the scoring system was bad. As in, terribly horribly bad. Your final score at the end of a mission didn't scale well according to your mission level, but was an average score between everyone in the team. That made the grinding for points too difficult and boring if you couldn't play with the same team all the time to level together.


I did vote for Cryotic Front though, and I'm not surprised to see it being the top-voted. I've played this one so much I had around 15K accumulated cryotic in my inventory by the end of it. Unlike Breeding Grounds, its lore was lacking, with too many blank spaces we can only hope will be filled in due time. However, it's excelled in gameplay. I love doing long survivals, and CF felt like one - but better. It also reminded me of scavenge mode in Left 4 Dead 2 (which I liked but nobody ever played). Can't wait to see it incorporated as an actual game mode (and hope all this cryotic will have some use someday lol).


When it comes to Gate Crash... can't say it's been memorable enough. I'll sure miss killing the twins and sabotaging Grineer, but... that's that I guess. Whilst it wasn't as grindy as BG (only played 15 missions), the rewards were... subpar. The caches introduced an interesting scavenge option, but what they held within was eh. Some reported getting rare cores, forma and reactors. All I've gotten were 4K credits and keys. I'm unlucky when it comes to RNG, I'm fine with it, but it doesn't change the fact the loot tables are too diluted (and this is a problem with rewards on the entire game).


Just a small piece of feedback on events and whatnot :)

Might contain typos and engrish, read with caution.

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Because its turning into a wall of text refer to the spoilers in each section for my thoughts on it.


Prime and Mod Drop Tables:


I'm worried about both drop tables but since you can only choose one option in that question I chose the mod tables cause its so hard to get some drops like Gleaming Talon for example if people missed the back to school alert and you having the mod drops more as you progress through the solar system as a new player, yes you gave out damaged mods on the tutorial, but once out of the tutorial new players and old find it really hard to find the mods that they need, I've had new players in my clan asking people to trade them some mods since they've found it so hard to get the mod to actually drop and given up after they've done so many runs to try and get it.


To start to solve the mod drop tables dilution, yes start too, I believe that DE should at least remove the warframe ability mods and put them in the market for credits so that people still have access to them and can have duplicates to whatever level they want them to be at and it will reduce the amount of mods on single enemies. Also remove the kubrow ability mods from the feral kubrows since you already get them from incubating the type of kubrow they are there for, as with the warframe ability mods, maybe put them on the market. 


But the void drop tables are also very diluted, you should at least remove the possibility of getting rare fusion cores and keys from non endless missions (void exterminate, capture and mobile defence) since you only get one reward and that shouldn't be another key especially at Tower 4 after you've done all the farming with interception and running the mission only to get a Tower 2 exterminate mission, or that you've put new prime parts in tower 1 which has such a high chance to get more tower keys.


The cores and keys are okay, I suppose, in void defence, survival and in the tower 4 interception since you can continue on to try and get another reward and in the case of survival and soon to be defence as they have/ will have stackable rewards, hopefully interception will as well.




The event that I found the most fun/best was Cyrotic Front. I found it the most fun as it was just fun running with clan mates to see how far we could get before we had to go, and getting 3K points on Europa was quite easy once you got that event node unlocked and you went to 3 different tile sets so it was a change of scenery as you got higher points, rather than having to grind the same node on the same planet 100 times in the case of The Gradivus Dilemma. 


However I would like to see all past main events make a return (e.g. Cicero, Gradivus, Thetra, Specters, Breeding grounds, Cryotic front, Gate Crash and maybe the hunt for alad V) at least as repayable quests in the future. The Oxium event should just have its lore added to the codex with the mod gotten from it added to oxium ospreys as a drop.


Mastery Rank:


I think mastery needs to mean more than a number above rank 8 since whats the point of leveling stuff up after mastery rank 8 as all it does is show that you've grinded more weapons and frames to max level, maybe you get a cosmetic at the start of the game and as you level up in mastery the cosmetic changes like DE is saying the tactical alert emblem will, (not just a number in the middle change) or something else.




Always nice to have more and different types of cosmetic (different in the case of kubrow armour) since it gives people more choice on how they want their frame to look and will be different from the other thousand (I know most likely loads more) players running the same frame. 


New colour pickers are nice to help people to get their specific shade of colour that they want as some times people can't find the shade of colour they like, purple for example. 


Warframe and weapon attachments are nice as it diversify's the looks of the frame and weapons, maybe going foreward with could have armour that's bigger and looks more like it would be used as real armour (just one set maybe), syandanas are lovely but could we have cloaks similar to one shown as the fan concept on the most recent prime time to give a more ninja feel with the hood, face partially masked and full length cloak. For the weapons attachments maybe have some bigger on the end or in different locations on the weapon.




I would really like to see more skins that change the model of the warframe, even if slightly, like the proto skin did for excalibur to give people different options. Still even if there are more skins like the immortal skins, it would be awesome as it allows us to make our warframe more unique to us rather than being the same as other warframes out there.


Sentinel cosmetics:


Nice wouldn't mind seeing more of them as they lets us make the sentinel more of our own one. A thought it seems that while all the other sentinel cosmetic have a bundle pack, the para sentinel attachments, do not have a bundle, maybe something to add in?


Kubrow cosmetic:


Yes please wouldn't mind being able to put some cosmetic armour onto my kubrow. Or any other cosmetics like different types of collars, more fur patterns and colours (comes under skins and colours I know but its to do with kubrows so I put them here).


Log In Rewards:


Log in rewards simply need a rework, the only things worth getting is the plat discounts and the forma the can drop from it. The xp and credits are nice and all but when you've basically fully levelled up on log in its a waste and when you've pretty much levelled all the weapons and warframes you can in the game credits and xp aren't really needed.




Most people regard Nekros as the farming frame, and basically all you are asked/ supposed to do when playing Nekros is to spam 3 to get more loot and life support. The other abilities are considered by many people to be useless and not worth using since other frames can do similar and much better. So DE should consider at least reworking all of this other abilities, maybe even desecrate to make it less of a spam 3 frame and into its theme of death and playing with the souls of his enemies.  


Also any chance of reworking life support drops and modules since in T4 survival, people are saying that you can't really get past 10-15 minutes without having a nekros since the life support does not drop enough. Also I've seen people say that even out the alert missions where you have to survival for 10 minutes and people no being able to finish the 10 minutes as they can't get enough life support.


Prime Access:


Any news about any changes that might be coming with the prime access, like the changes to the accessory pack that players have been asking about. Also why has the amount of platinum gained been reduced from 4300 to 3990?


i actually got to 45 minutes in t4 survival with 3 people w/o a nekros before

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I am in the camp that feels the mod drops are more important than the prime gear. Plenty of people have already weighed in on some of the problems with the current system, so instead of going over that again I would like to offer one possible solution, if only a partial one. This is a lot less drastic than a complete re-work of how mods are acquired, but would eliminate a huge amount of player frustration.


Introduce a new item, let's call it a blueprint for now although a similar mechanic could be implemented without attaching it to the foundry. As a working title I will refer to it as a 'blank mod' blueprint, and it will come in common, uncommon, and rare varieties. Make acquiring one of these something that is challenging and time consuming, but absolutely deterministic (no RNG.) maybe make it a guaranteed drop at a high wave of survival or defense, like you automatically get a common one from tier 1 survival at the 45 minute mark, uncommon from tier 2 etc. Or make it something you get from a new boss maybe. the important points are that it be something a player can do any time, that it be a certain drop and that it NOT be quick or easy to get. Once you have a blank mod blueprint you would craft it, the requirements could draw from the usual pool of rare resources, maybe a forma, a pile of money of course, and a fusion core of the same rarity as the blueprint, this part is important! Once it is done crafting and you claim it, a menu pops up with a list of every mod of that rarity in the game for you to chose from and it will become a rank 0 version of that mod. Simple as that.


This would give players a RNG free way to get that one mod that never seems to drop for them no matter how much they farm for it. It does not require touching the existing drop mechanics, just adding something on top of them. The big potential problem with something like this is if it became THE way to get all rare mods, that is why I emphasized that it needs to be somewhat time-consuming to get, and that it require a fusion core in order to make it (heck maybe require 2 fusion cores.) The fusion core input means that making one of these is not increasing your total number of mods, and the time commitment to get one should be such that you could easily get multiple rare mods via more traditional methods in the same amount of time. The desired outcome would be a balance in which the vast majority of a player's mod collection is built up exactly how it is now, but that you have a way to get that one mod that just will not drop for you other than continuing to pray to the RNG demon.


Obviously this is a pretty rough sketch of an system, it will probably need some corners filed off, but hopefully it will at least suggest some new ideas.

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I'll go ahead and post responses to all the sections here, as a writeup is more informative than a simple checkbox.


Firstly, cosmetics. The statted helmet topic has been discussed many times, I'm sure. How some helmets were clearly superior to others, and how the cosmetic feel of one helmet may/may not appeal to the player, but they used to because they felt it was necessary for their frame to perform at its peak. Now we have this huge disconnect between statted and non-statted helmets, and it's a mess. It also puts people who have been around longer at an unfair advantage over newer players who don't want to fork over 1000s of plat for a tradeable, no-longer-obtainable item just because its demand far exceeds the supply. If you no longer want stats attached to helmets, make them a special slot in the frame. I absolutely hate Frost's Squall helmet, but giving up the free power strength gain for the Aurora halo just doesn't feel justifiable. These special powerups should be completely separate from the cosmetics, even if they remain 'frame specific.


Secondly, Login rewards. We have this huge stack of event-only mods (recently, the Cicero event mods were made a drop table for void Vor, which was a GOOD thing to do.) that are still unreleased. Why not make them part of the reward pool? I know a lot of people that log in for only 2 days, then intentionally miss a day so they get better chances at platinum coupons. Encourage people more to login every day by adding some more exclusive things to the login rewards. Split them up between 2-star and 3-star if you like to get people to split up their logins or something. The affinity rewards for a daily login are paltry; I can get that much affinity by running a mission on mercury quickly. Affinity rewards feel like a "zonk" (points if you know what that is)


Passing a mastery test yields you a reward already; a mastery rank. Mastery ranks grant more stuff the higher you go until a certain point. Rather than adding rewards to mastery tests, have mastery affect more things and be a motivator in and of itself. Someone mentioned the upcoming focus system. That would make great sense. It would also encourage your veteran players to REALLY pursue higher ranks which otherwise have no gains currently (I'm talking the about the 15+ people). You could also continue the trend of more drones, as the new drone allowance drops off rather suddenly and without explanation. If someone grinded out those next 5 ranks, let em have another drone! Prime access drone slot and founder drone slot exclusives shouldn't make up the last of the extra slots.


Nekros. I'll be honest, I have a loadout saved called "Warfarm", and yes, Nekros is the frame equipped. Soul punch suffers from the same problem people complained about Mag's pull from long ago. It doesn't do enough, and has a specific aim requirement. Shadows of the Dead needs an overhaul. Bad. The AIs constantly faceplant into walls and shoot the wall, aiming at an enemy on the other side. They're practically useless 3/4 of the time for anything but annoying meatshields that only serve to get in the way of my own bullets. Their damage is also pathetic, but that's a result of the egregious difference in player damage output vs. enemy damage output (due to the absurd scaling of enemy HP totals compared to our own), and is its own topic.


Events. This is a touchy topic. A lot of people play them for the rewards, that's for sure, but only because those rewards are exclusive to the event. I've heard a number of my friends be so utterly tired of Warframe after an event they grinded just for the exclusive reward, that they play something else after having acquired it without even bothering to use it right away. That..... shouldn't happen. In my opinion, events should be fun things taht encourage players to play the game because of a lore or mechanic/function. Maybe introduce periodic events where certain mechanics/objectives only occur during the event? Such as a mission that has permanent low-grav with huge rooms, and requires players to find randomly-spawned canisters or something to collect, using the low-grav to find them. (Just an example based on existing mechanics) Or maybe have events have boosted mod/credit/resource rates or something. Exclusives can be very annoying to some players, particularly service members that wind up being forced away from home during it, only to come back and now be permanently unable to acquire the reward, particularly the Wraths and Vandals that have been released.


My favorite event was the Cicero Crisis. Not because it was the best event, but because it had such a mix of problems and solutions that makes it my favorite event to discuss. The Cicero Crisis was the first event that I can remember that allowed one person to help (up to) 3 of their friends complete it in ONE run without any additional effort from their friends aside from playing the mission. It allowed those who had the time to grind daily (and enjoyed doing so) to do so, while still enabling players who were not so heavy on free time to complete the event in full without having to devote the entire weekend to it. It also bore the new function of environments depending on a fictional clock. This was good and bad in the scope of the event. It alienated players who only had the same few hours to play on a daily basis (without forcing themselves to adjust their real-life schedules for a GAME, as the day/nigh cycle didn't rotate at all), while at the same time giving a dynamic that changed what you could find based on the time. If the day/night cycle were to rotate day-to-day to accommodate such schedules, rather than making it static for the sake of predictability, I would be all for another event which functioned on a similar clock-based dynamic. [EDIT: Perhaps show a timer on the planet depicting the time phase]


Drops. I share the same concern as others for prime loot tables. The unbalanced % chance system has got to stop. It's silly. And using T1 keys to get keys is silly too. It doesn't make any sense. If people want keys, they're easy to get and people know precisely where to go to get them. There's no reason to dilute prime loot tables with them. The Orokin Cells being in the loot table is silly too. It's very annoying knowing that i need TWO of an item to complete a prime, and it's got the lowest drop chance of all the items in that particular key, AND it has to compete with Orokin Cells, Another Key, AND Fusion Core packs because it just so happens to drop in T1 survival rotation B. Equalilty is important. [Warframe power mods being in mod drop tables is a problem, but not nearly as big a problem/time loss as the frustrating Void tables]

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i actually got to 45 minutes in t4 survival with 3 people w/o a nekros before


Maybe but when I've been into T4 survival's with clan mates and random's, they always demand to have a nekros or else they said we won't be able to get past 15 minutes.


So its either down to life support taking too long to spawn for people or enemy spawn and drops are bad so people can't kill enough enemies to drop enough 3% support capsules to continue on in the survival. 

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To the people who can't read;


"Other/Older event (post explanation below)."


There is where your Survival / Slingshot / you name it event goes. Stop dissing Drew for having missed a thing. He didn't. That is the option you're looking for.

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What are your favorite types of cosmetic items? (can choose more than one)


- Warframe attachments (Syandanas and Armor).
- Warframe Alternate Helmets.
- Sentinel cosmetics.
Colors aside (and with classic, desaturated and smoke, I have enough choices), those are the only cosmetics that I really notice.
Well, those and Sentinels, because they're distinct from the warframe's look.

What suggestions do you think would improve the Login Reward system? (can choose more than one)


I don't find login rewards needful.

That said, if you are going to have them, they shouldn't make me go 'meh' (or worse: 'ugh') when I see them, you know?


Frame affinity on a maxed frame.

Weapon affinity for a maxed weapon / companion, or better yet(!), for a slot that is currently empty.


Credits can be helpful, but I'm sitting on 8m. Which I'll need for maxing mods, once I have the fusion fodder, admittedly, but at this point, by the time I get that much fodder, I'll have gotten so much many credits that... eh. :/


Weapon blueprints are nice. I liked getting the Gorgon when I got it (and before I used it, because I found it a pretty bad weapon). I liked getting a second, so I'd still have it available and could sell my maxed one.

The 5th was a bit excessive.

Ditto for frame blueprints.


Forma/Forma BP/potatos are 'always' useful (for a given length of 'always').

Knowing that there are 50% and 75% plat discounts makes me discount the 25% discount (and say that six times fast).

... Think that was all of them?


- Scaling better with login frequency would be nice, but is not necessary.

- Rewards that detect if your currently equipped gear is max level + Rewards that detect previously received rewards to avoid duplicates: both fall under the category of 'necessary Login reward system improvement'.

Other (please post an explanation below): tl;dr - "if you are going to have them, they shouldn't make me go 'meh' (or worse: 'ugh') when I see them, you know?"




Should there be rewards for completing mastery ranks?


That depends on what role -if any - DE intends Mastery Rank to have.


There are rewards for MR, to a degree. And I like them.

They're just mostly situational and of limited use.


More trades (Situational), more extractors (= more RNG rolls to get the rare resources you actually care about) and weapon unlocks.



The problem is, these rewards are patchy and sporadic. They're not... what's the word?

They're not uniform in their value.


Extractors can be very useful for a low-to-mid-MR player trying to gather resources to craft stuff.

Once you've hit ~MR8, what do you need aside from rares?

Trades per day are nice, but not everyone maxes out their trades, or trades every single day.

Exp-locked weapons aren't well distributed.

e.g. Serro (MR0) (It's an excellent weapon, if not quite as good as) vs Dual Ichor(MR6) vs. Dragon Nikana (MR8)

Marelok (MR5) vs. Acrid (MR7) vs. Embolist (MR8) (... Really?)

Grakata (MR0) vs. Soma (MR6)


There are a few others, and there are some *coughBoltorPrimecough* that could use MR-based tiers, but. Eh.



And all that said, MOAR LOADOUT SLOTS!!!1!1 :D


- Yes, for some Mastery Rank tests. is sufficient.

Also, wasn't Focus supposed to base off MR somehow?




I was disappointed to see that the Damaged version of the 'mandatory' mods (Slip Magazine? Really? for example) weren't guaranteed, but were rather still subject to RNG.

I thought I'd understood that they were scripted rewards distributed during the tutorial.

Wasn't the point to make sure that new players have some uniform baseline?


Here's a thought:

Make a list (Ask your players, if you really can't ascertain for yourself. (Not another (e.g.) Magazine Warp, thankyouverymuch.)) of really mandatory mods (since you're clearly not going to overhaul the mod or scaling systems >;[ ), and have a script compare the list with the mods a player has, granting him an unranked 'normal' version of the mod, once per rankup.



Should Mastery Rank influence more things in game?


- Yes, as above.



Which Nekros abilities need a revision? (can choose more than one)



Was that clear enough?

Soul Punch: is a nice enough interrupt, but the damage is puny so if you've not potatoed/formaed your Nekros, there's no real reason to rank it.

And if you do potato your frame and start needing the slot, it's not even worth equipping.



Terrify: Limited range, a target cap no target prioritization and cannot be recast while active? Seriously?


Might save your life. But you'd be better off just taking a straight-up defensive mod.



If nothing else: REMOVE THE TARGET CAP.

Thank you.



Desecrate: To quote a friend - "Let's play Nekros! 33333333333"

I don't have a problem with RNG-based loot, I have a problem with RNG-based loot in weighted droptables.

For fusion fodder, for specific mods (particularly ones that drop from rare creatures), for rare resources... pretty much for anything that isn't a 'end of mission' reward, I feel like I have to use Desecrate, which means "play" Nekros, which means '3333333'.


Much Ninja.

Such Shootergame.

Very Fun.




Remove the fail-chance. Or

Have the fail-chance reduced by Power Strength. Or

Make it a toggleable radial passive.

Anything to reduce the 3-spam so I can actually, you know, play?



Shadows of the Dead

Slow cast animation, requires that you kill stuff (which you won't be doing if you're desecrating), don't draw agro, don't kill stuff.

For a slot and 13 mod points.

Not worth it regardless of whether you're Reactored or not.



Make Desecrate 'feed' its pool as well.

Alternatively, make it a radial passive. (Not my prefered solution, though.)



What do you like most in an event? (can choose more than one)


- Lore.
- Rewards.
- New mechanics/game modes.
- (Useful Rewards are always good.
- New mechanics / game modes = variety in kind.
P.S. I loved Extraction. Still have a WiP feedback .txt sitting on my computer somewhere.
- Lore: I love lore, and world-building in general. It lets me immerse myself in the experience, and is something Warframe is still short on.
Events are also a nice 'playtest' environment for other new stuff (as poll), but that's not the main draw for me.

What do you like least in an event? (can choose more than one)


- Other.

This is more a 'me' issue than a DE/WF issue.

I don't mind playing in the same tileset, or against the same enemies, or filling the same objectives.

I mind the deadline on these things.

It makes me feel that I have to complete the event ASAP or I might miss the completion reward. Which has happened.

Which means that, like it or not, I'm grinding the event.

And unless I love it or it's easily accomplished (Cryotic Front could be completed in 2 runs. 1k on Earth, then 3k on Europa.), by the time I'm done, I'm sick of it and don't get to just mess about and enjoy the event.



What is your favourite event?


 The Gradivus Dilemma
 The Hunt for Alad V
 The Cicero Crisis
 Operation Oxium Espionage
 Tethra’s Doom
 Specters of Liberty
 Operation Breeding Grounds
-> Operation Cryotic Front
 Operation Gatecrash


Of the list given, I've only been here for the last 4, Specters and on.


- Specters was okay, but too grindy if you A) don't have mods/gear good enough to do the highest-tier Rescues and B) are a completionist and must get all the rewards.


- Breeding Ground was a nice event, but the changes to Infested (Ancient auras and 'explode-on-death' huggers) in a close-quarters tileset = bad times.

Also, 4/5 Tumors. Ugh. Just kill me now. -_-


- Cryotic Front had a lot going for it, in my book.

Choice of tileset, choice of opponent, and a Survival-esque mode that doesn't give you a nonstandard gameover if RNG is being a jerk.

The stacking rewards were good too, and the selection was fairly close to spectacular. (Gemini Cross without tearing my hair out! Intensify! (God, that one's a b*tch to get.), R5 cores! I forget what else, but there were a few that made me go :D! .)


Gate Crash was quite good as well, but dragged down by the fact that I hate loath and despise the Derelict tileset, and by the last stage of 'irradiation' being juuuust a bit too far.

I mean, seriously, if you're going to nerf my frame so much that it makes no difference which frame I'm actually using, then what's the point?

That said, the concept's nice, I hope that hold-able Void Keys reappear, I loved Sprag (and Venkra), and the caches were a pleasant surprise.

(The only tileset that even slightly rewards exploration (to an established player) is Void, due to random mods.)



In your opinion, are you more concerned about Mod Drop Tables or Prime Gear Parts?


No 'Both'? :/



Character power derives primarily from mods.

Prime Gear is mostly a cosmetic difference.


No comparison.

For any player who hasn't gotten to the 'been there, done that, have the fully-potatoed 16-forma loadout to show for it' stage, mod availability is the much more pressing concern.

(Speaking of, it might just be RNG, but thank you to whoever fiddled with Serration's droprate.

I've seen more of them since 14.7 than I've seen in the ~4 months since I started playing combined.)


- Mod Drop Tables.
Full disclosure: I'm missing 2 non-event mods to have a full codex, and 2 Prime weapons (prior to Nyx Prime Access).
It doesn't affect me much either way. (atm.)
Frikkin' BBCode.
I give up. You win.
If this is illegible... sorry.

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Remove the crap from Void drop tables already. If I do T1 capture, for example, I do it to get the Prime parts from it, not for other keys. Also rewards from each missions should have an equal chance of dropping (for example, T2 capture has 6 different rewards, all those rewards should have a 1/6 chance of dropping).



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