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Jupiter, Thebes - Deception Mission


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I have just played Thebes on Jupiter. Jupiter mission are my favourite since the void has been butchered to simplicity, but I am not here to rant about the void and the lost of some really nice rooms.


I am one of those players who has always taken my time in missions to search for those out of the way areas which there lockers and containers.

Lately in a lot of grinner and corpus mission and even some of the infested mission in Eris. I am coming across lockers which are green and can not be opened.


Today though, while running this mission I ran in a lot of problems with picks. Firstly lockers that would not open, Then lockers which spilled lots of credits which fell to the floor. No I didn't get credited with the credits even though I was stood in front of the lockers. in another room I only got 1 credit even though several hundred spilled onto the floot.

Then in the main room were the computer is for me to hack, I was unable to pick up anything dropped from kills.












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