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Wts/t Lots Of Mods, Prime Sets & Items

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Boltor Prime set - 50p

Frost Prime Set - 30p

Flow - 10p

Overextended - 10p

Fleeting Expertise - 10p

AK Bronco Prime Link - 10p

Akyros Prime Blade - 5p

Ankyros Prime Gauntlet - 5p

Master Thief - 5p

Intensify - 5p

Power Throw - 10p

Streamline - 5p

Barrel Diffusion - 5p

Coiling Viper - 5p

Corrupt Charge - 5p

Hell's Chamber - 10p

Shock Absorbers - 5p

Berserker - 15p

Crimson Dervish - 15p

Gleaming Talon - 15p

Tranquil Cleave - 10p

Iron Phoenix - 5p

Spoiled Strike - 5p

Sure Footed - 15p

Thunderbolt - 10p

Hammer Shot - 5p

Handspring - 10p

Quick Thinking - 10p

Shred - 5p


All prices negotiable

Items I'll trade for include, Nyx Prime Systems, Chassis & BP - Scindo Handle & Blade - Malicious Raptor, Homing Fang & Crushing Ruin

Post Offers here or friend me in game if you want to trade

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