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What Is Your Mod Rating?


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when you go into your mod bank it shows a few stats: Total, Dups, Cores, Rating.


what is listed after your rating stat?

my Rating is: 39,105,976


many people i talk to in my clan dont have a rating anywhere near this number.

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It is calculated based on levels of mods, and their rarity, using the sum of fusion energy as the calculation. (I don't know how exact this is.)

Increasing the level of a mod gives a seemingly exponential jump. A max serration (I believe) is 5mil rating.


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'bout 45 million.


I've sold a bunch of rank 10 mods that would have left me much higher. I also have duplicates of many mods like Serration, Hornet Strike, Heavy Caliber, blah blah...


Edit: Your mod rating is easily in the top 2% @ OP

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