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Few Questions About Finishers



When I say Finisher, I mean Parry, Stealth, and On-the-Ground melee attacks.


1) Does Channeling affect FInishers and provides a dmg buff, and would also work with Life Strike?


2) Does Finishing Touch affect all of these, or just On-the-Ground?


3) Does it work in conjunction with warframe abilities that open up finishers, like Valkyr's Warcry or Ash's Teleport?


Also, can anyone confirm this: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/718192-warframe/68999964



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Channeling does affect all finishers if I'm not mistaken.


Finishing touch only affect ground finishers, and Stealth attacks as far as I'm aware. not 100% sure on this.


Channeling should work for finishers opened up by abilities, not sure about Finishing Touch.


Blade Storm no longer goes off melee weapons anymore for animation, so I'd assume not. It is affected by combo multiplier iirc though.

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